What Is the Mikado Game And How Is It Played?

 Mikado is a skill game that has its origins in Japan and is popular throughout the world. This game is a game played with sticks and requires attention, dexterity and strategy. In this article, we will share information about the history, rules, gameplay of the Mikado game and the different cultures where it gained popularity.

The origin of the Mikado game dates back to the Edo period of Japan. This game, the original name of which is "Closed", is played with wooden sticks. 19. at the beginning of the century, with the spread of this game to Europe, its name was changed to "Mikado". Mikado means "Emperor" in Japanese, and this name represents the Japanese origin of the game.

The main goal of the Mikado game is to collect the highest score without dropping the sticks. The game is played on a bundle created by putting together a group of thin wooden sticks. Dec. Each of these bars has a different point value, and players try to collect points by using strategies to separate the bars from each other.

The rules of the game are quite simple. The players take the sticks out of their hands and slowly and carefully place them back into the bundle. When a player drops a bar, he cannot get any points in that round and the turn passes to the other player. Players try to choose sticks from the bunch and make strategic moves aimed at getting points.

The Mikado game is played with a turn system that allows each player to pick up a stick when it's their turn. When picking up the sticks, players need to be careful and remove the others without dropping the sticks. Players must use their strategic thinking skills to plan how to pick up sticks and score points.

The Mikado game has gained popularity around the world over time. Especially 20. in the Decennial, the game has become widespread among people of different cultures. Among the countries where the Mikado has gained popularity are Germany, France, the United States and the United Kingdom.Dec. In these countries, Mikado tournaments are organized and competition is created between players. Dec.

The Mikado game is not only played for entertainment purposes, but also helps to improve concentration, improve dexterity and develop strategic thinking skills. Therefore, Mikado has become a game preferred by many.

As a result, the Mikado game is a skill game that has its origins in Japan and is popular throughout the world. We have shared information about the history of the game, its rules, gameplay and the different cultures where it gained popularity in this article. Mikado is a game that requires attention, dexterity and strategy and is played for both entertainment and skill development purposes.


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