Nana Stambolishvili biography, age, wikipedia - New Lead Role in the TV series Emanet(Legacy)

 Who is Nana Stambolishvili, where is she from? Is she married? Who is the new female lead of the TV series Emanet-Legacy? A biography article with information about his life. Twitter, Instagram, TikTok address.

Nana Stambolishvili biography - age

Nana Stambolishvili (Nana Nanuka Stambolishvili) is a Georgian model, designer, dancer and actress.

She has her own clothing brand called Kartveli Nana.

She continues his life in Batumi. She is also originally from Batumi.

in 2021, he took part in the video clip for Bayar Şahin's song Odoshani.

Recently, she played a dancer named Natia in the musical Sakartvelo.

As of 2022, the young actress is in the lead role of the television series Emanet-Legacy, which is broadcast every weekday on the Kanal 7 television channel.

Is she married? Who is the wife?

Wife of Nana Stambolishvili

She has been married to ‘Lasha Mgeladze’ since February 12, 2011.

She actively uses the Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook platforms on social media.

At the time of this writing, she had 32,600 followers on his TikTok account. The total number of likes of the videos she has published has reached 467,600.

She has 27,900 followers on Instagram. Information such as how old she is, her exact date of birth, her zodiac sign, height, weight and whether she has a child is not yet known. Let's remind you in advance that if we can access this information in the coming days, we can update our article.

Twitter address nanananukastam1

TikTok Address @nanakartveli

Instagram Address nanuka_stambolishvili


  1. She îs born 1/ 05/1990

    1. She is so beatiful and so swet. I like Nana

    2. She can be, but she's nothing at actresse. I don't like her. Many other people don't like her.

    3. I don't like her!!!!!

    4. She is igood for Tik - Tok, but not for EMANET.


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