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Very Important Disclosures from Toy Hunt Channel

Late in the day child Toy Hunt is famous YouTube channel Enes Baturina passing as the number of subscribers in Turkey is the largest individual channel the news was made. Due to the fact that the news is not made by people without technical knowledge After this important change at the YouTube summit, the channel's subscribers claimed to be bot. The number of subscribers and 300 subscribers received was not believable. Afterwards, there was an intense pressure on the channel, especially by Enes Batur fans. The owner of the channel received statements about these allegations and Serhat Uzunkök was announced on the YouTube channel. When the channel was originally past Enes Batur but the number of subscribers is unknown, when the number of subscribers is made public, It was emphasized that the number of subscribers did not increase by 8 million in one day or one month as claimed. It was announced that the subscribers are not bots and that the process of acquiring subscribers is a long

I Explain the Inner Face of Enes Batur and Toy Hunt Event!

Hello. In this article we give information about change at the pinnacle of YouTube's Turkey you'll analyze issues. 1. Enes Batur not now Turkey's largest retail channel. The children's channel called Toy Hunt settled on the summit. So how did one and such a change happen? What is the inside of the event? I will analyze it in all aspects and transfer it to you with this article. There are many big channels on YouTube and these channels. This race continues at full speed in subscribers as well as in likes, comments and views. Enes Batur has been reported countless times both with the videos he shot, the number of views and the number of subscribers. the impact of Turkey's largest individual channels to become one of the biggest reasons for the specifically made before the last song was great. Because the most viewed on YouTube comes from the music category. In addition to Enes Batur's YouTube channel, the presence of Enes Batur's films also increased the recog