How to remove stains on the face?

 Black spots and pigments may form on your face due to aging or as a result of various problems in your health. This may also be related to unhealthy diet, as well as the negative effect of sunlight. In any case, the problem manifests itself on the skin.

There are effective and natural ways to help overcome pigment spots.

1. Raw potatoes

There are many useful substances in raw potatoes, especially vitamin B. This accelerates the regeneration of skin cells. For this, it is recommended to wipe your face 3-4 times with a raw potato slice for 10 minutes before going to bed at night. If your skin is excessively dry, it is good to wash the potato slice with a little water.

2. Natural yogurt

Natural yogurt is a great tool for the treatment of facial skin. It has milk acids that soften the skin, moisturize and cleanse the stain. To make the yogurt work as efficiently as possible, strain it and rub it on the stained sections. You will see the effect after just 20 minutes.

3. Öd

The ed plant does not help only with burns and other problems. A perfect tool for the skin. It has enzymes that remove dead cells, strengthen skin regeneration and help get rid of pigment spots. Experts recommend taking advantage of the water of the leaves of the pay every day. For this, just draw water on your face every day.

4. Apple cider vinegar

There is a complex of natural substances in apple cider vinegar that help to regenerate and cleanse the skin. The properties contained in it help to reduce pigments. Wipe off stains with cotton soaked in apple cider vinegar. Do this regularly for a month. If your skin is very sensitive and itchy,you can add a little water to reduce the effect of vinegar.

5. Sarikök

Fans of natural cosmetics of yellow root recommend using it every week in the form of a mask. This will improve the overall condition of the skin, as well as help reduce pigment spots.


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