Citrus Fruits and Their Importance in Nutrition

 Although it is found in quite small amounts in the human body, the activity of vitamins in the body is quite high. Some of them (group B) help regulate biochemical events related to the formation of energy and cells from carbohydrates, fats and proteins that we take with nutrients. Vitamin D helps minerals such as calcium and phosphorus settle in bones and teeth. A number of vitamins, especially found in vegetables and fruits (A, E, C) also help to maintain their normal functions by preventing damage to body cells and reducing the effects of a number of harmful substances (Antioxidant effect).

Vegetables and fruits are one of the food groups that must be consumed regularly every day in order to have an adequate and balanced diet.

Vegetables and fruits;

It is rich in vitamins and minerals.

They are helpful in growth and development, advocate skin, eye, teeth and gum health. Separately, they are effective in the formation of resistance to diseases.

They are also useful in body weight control due to the fact that they give a feeling of satiety, help the intestines to function regularly.

They reduce the risk of obesity due to unbalanced nutrition and the occurrence of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, some types of cancer.

It is important to consume vegetables and fruits of various colors and types. Fruits are also different in terms of the nutrients they contain and the amount. Therefore, variety should be provided in their consumption. In general, fruits and strawberries such as tangerines, oranges, geryfurts in the citrus group are rich in vitamin C, cherries, black grapes, black mulberries are rich in other antioxidants, while fruits such as bananas, apples are rich in potassium.

The following points should be taken into account when consuming these foods.

Within the possibilities, at least 5 servings of vegetables or fruits should be consumed per day. The consumption of citrus fruits such as tangerines , grapefruit and oranges in this group is also very important and should definitely be included in our daily diet

It is necessary to pay attention to the consumption of vegetables and fruits, especially citrus fruits, which are rich sources of vitamin C, at every meal, including breakfast in the morning.

At least two servings of vegetables and fruits taken daily should be green leafy vegetables or citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons or tomatoes.

All vegetables and fruits should be consumed raw if possible during the season, during periods when they are abundant and cheap in terms of nutritional value content and economy, it should be an option.

In particular, instead of consuming the juices of citrus fruits, consuming them as a whole, eating fruits that can be shelled separately with shells allows increasing pulp consumption.

However, some considerations should be taken into account when consuming citrus fruits, especially since vitamin C suffers from too much loss from the vitamins contained in them.

For example, when buying, it should be careful not to be crushed, bruised, stored in a cool environment, and most importantly, it should not be kept after cutting or after squeezing water. Otherwise, significant decreases in vitamin values, especially vitamin C, are observed. Moreover, it should be remembered that even if squeezed fruit juices are kept in the refrigerator, the vitamin value decreases.

Care should be taken to regularly consume citrus fruits such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruits and other fruits and vegetables before getting sick, not after getting sick.

source: Public Health Institution of Turkey - Department of Obesity, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases


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