4 Sports movements for strong hips

 In order not to have any problems in training, you should do warm-up movements beforehand. We present 4 sports movements that will tighten your hips:


Stand upright, pay attention to your feet and stomach, the small table you put in front of you, etc. exit by giving strength to one leg with supports. Pull the other foot towards you and then land with the foot you pulled to yourself.

Kicking back

Bend both elbows and both knees under a 90 degree angle. Stand on your hands and knees. Without changing the angle of your knee, extend one leg upwards and pretend to kick backwards. Perform the same movement for the other leg. repeat the movement 20-25 times.

Building a bridge

Lie face down on the ground. Squeeze your stomach and hips. After stretching your arms to both sides and bending your knees, lift yourself up. Wait in this position for 5-8 seconds and return to the starting state again.

Backward foot push

Connect the two ends of the exercise strip together.Put one end of the strip on your foot, hold the other end with your hand. While standing on the floor with one knee, push back the foot through which you have passed the strip. Let your foot, hip and back stretch out so that they form a straight line. Bend your knee and pull your feet forward, then push back again. Perform the same movement for the other foot.


Hip muscles, walking, jumping, running, etc. Nov. it is used to support the pelvis and core in order to create a strong foundation for our arms and legs, which allows us to do things.

Our hips are the foundation of our body, if we didn't have them we wouldn't have enough strength or stability to support our spines and organs. Hip muscles, walking, jumping, running, etc. Nov. it is used to support the pelvis and core to create a strong foundation for our arms and legs, which allows us to do things. It is easy to understand why the basics in our body can be injured so easily. Over time, excessive use of our hips in our daily life can lead to deterioration of our hips and hip pain.

Targeted exercises build strength in the tendons, ligaments, and November muscles that help your hips move. When the surrounding tissues are strong, your hip bones are less strained, so you benefit from better mobility.

The muscles of the trunk, including your hips and thighs, play an important role in helping you run strong, smoothly and without injury. Nov. The hip muscles are so critical to a runner's success that the source of all injuries in running can be examined down to the hip Nov. If you neglect hip health, you put yourself at a great risk of injury. Although proper hip strength is very important for runners, most runners do not do special strength training that will help strengthen the hip muscles. Nov. About 70 percent of runners suffer an extreme running injury every year. A study published in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine found a clear link between overuse injuries in the lower extremities and poor November muscle strength in the hip area. Dec. From the study, it turned out that when certain hip muscles are not strong enough to do the job, other November November muscles need to step in to support the function that leads to the problem of overuse.


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