EMRE DİNLER Series and Movies - Biography, Age, Height

 Who is Emre Dinler? How old is he? TV series and movies in which he played. Age, height, weight, sign. A biography article containing information about his life. Who is Mehmet Bey in the Kuruluş Osman series? Real name.

Emre Dinler was born on July 29, 1990 in Kırıkhan, Hatay. He completed his primary and high school education in Hatay. While studying Sociology Education at Muğla University, he began his modeling career in 2013. During his 4-year modeling career, which he continued professionally; he studied acting and developed himself in this field. 

He got recognition with the character ‘Tahir’ in the series named ‘Söz’ in 2017. Continuing his career with the TV series ’Gülperi‘ and ’Son Yanım‘, Emre Dinler received great acclaim with the character ’Ömer Kurtuoğlu‘ portrayed in the TV series ’Yasak Elma'. in 2022, Allah Yazdıysa Bozsun, he acted in a motion picture. In 2023, he gave life to the character of Infantry Captain Cengiz Uslu in the TV series Al Sancak. Currently, he takes part with the role of "Mehmet Bey" in the series "Kuruluş Osman", which is broadcast on the ATV television channel..

Emre Dinler, who continues to take part in new projects within the PH7 Management, is from the sign of Leo. he is 1.90 meters tall and 78 kilograms.

At the time of preparation of this article, he has 1,159 followers on his Twitter account and 190 thousand followers on his Instagram account.

Series and Movies

2023 - Kuruluş Osman (Mehmet Bey)

2022 - Allah Yazdıysa Bozsun

2023 - Al Sancak (Piyade Yüzbaşı Cengiz Uslu)

2021 - Yasak Elma (Ömer) 

2020 - Sol Yanım (Barbar)

2018-2019 - Gülperi (Mesut)

2018 - Söz (Tahir Gümüş)


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