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 Who is Salih Bademci? TV series and movies in which he played. How old is he? Is he married? Who is his wife? Does he have children? Height, weight, sign. A biography article containing information about his life. Who is Mustafa in the Dilek Taşı series?

Salih Bademci, born on August 15, 1984 in Izmir, is a theater, TV series and film actor. He continues his theater studies within the Black, White and Colored theater company, of which he is the founder, and by acting in the plays of different ensembles. He is known for the characters she portrayed in television series such as Ulan İstanbul, Kiralık Aşk, istanbullu Gelin.

Salih Bademci was born in Izmir in 1984. He graduated from Bornova Anatolian High School. He received higher education at the Theater Department of the Istanbul University State Conservatory.

Her film and television career began in 2006 when she starred in Serdar Akar's Barda film. Then he starred in the TV series Elveda Rumeli, which was produced by Serdar Akar again.

in 2007, he founded the theater company Black White and Color (SBR). He continued her theater studies by acting in the Black, White and Colored company of which he was the founder and in the plays of different ensembles. 15 With her performance in the play Tesir. He was deemed worthy of the Special Award of the Selection Committee at the Sadri Alışık Theater Awards.

he played the character of “Akın” in the TV series Zeytin Tepesi in 2014, the character of “Ceyhun” in the TV series Ulan İstanbul, and the character of “Sinan Karakaya” in the TV series Kiralık Aşk in 2015. Fikret played the character of Selim Songür in the İstanbullu Gelin, the Kulüp series. Today, he gives life to the character of Mustafa Yilmaz in the Dilek Taşı series, which is broadcast on Kanal D television channel.

Salih Bademci married actress Imer Özgün on August 2010, 2015. He has a daughter named 'İklim Bademci'.

Salih Bademci is from the sign of Leo. The handsome actor is 1.79 meters tall and 74 pounds.

The successful actor, who continues to take part in new projects within Persona Sanat Management, has 90,800 followers on his Twitter account and 1 million 300 thousand followers on his Instagram account at the time of preparation of this article.

Who is Mustafa Yilmaz of the Dilek Taşı Series?

Mustafa is a man in his early thirties who is trying to live his life in the slums of Istanbul with his wife Canan and daughter Cemre. He has always lived for his dignity, honor, family. The closure of the factory where he worked as a worker due to the lockout and the relentless illness that his wife Canan contracted made Mustafa's life difficult. Mustafa, who has never bowed down to anyone in his entire life, tramples on his pride to heal his wife. He goes to the factory and asks for what he will get from his boss. When his boss refuses to fire him, Mustafa rebels. This rebellion becomes the beginning of the events that change Mustafa's life.

Television Series

2007-2009 / Elveda Rumeli - Muzaffer

2010-2013 / Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki - Hakan Tatlıoğlu

2013 / Fatih - Şehzade Bayezıd

2014 / Zeytin Tepesi - Akın Karatay

2014-2015 / Ulan İstanbul - Ceyhun

2015-2017 / Kiralık Aşk - Sinan Karakaya

2017-2019 / İstanbullu Gelin - Fikret Boran

2020 / Kırmızı Oda - Mehmet

2021 / Yalancı - Mehmet Emir

2023 / Dilek Taşı - Mustafa Yılmaz

Internet Series

2021 / İlk ve Son - Barış (BluTV)

2021 / Kulüp - Selim Songür (Netflix)


1994 / Mıymıntılar Kralı

2006 / Barda - Cenk

2014 / Arkadaşlar Arasında - Barış

2015 / Köpek - Hakan

Theater Plays

Aydınlıkevler: Yılmaz Erdoğan - 2022-

Fanatik - Siyah Beyaz ve Renki -2020-2021

Senaryo -Siyah Beyaz ve Renki -2018-2019

Big Shoot: Koffi Kwahulé - Tiyatrops - 2014-2015

Tesir: Lucy Prebble - Siyah Beyaz ve Renkli - 2014-2015

Şark Dişçisi (oyun): Hagop Baronyan - İstanbul Şehir Tiyatrosu - 2011

Ateş Yüzlü: Marius von Mayenburg - Siyah Beyaz ve Renkli - 2010

Cimri: Moliere - Kent Oyuncuları - 2009


2015 / 20. Sadri Alışık Theater and Cinema Actress Awards - Special Drama Award of the Selection Committee (Tesir)

2016 / 2. Turkish Youth Awards – Best Supporting Actor

2021 / GQ Men Of The Year 2021 - Actor Of The Year


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