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 Who is Ozan Dolunay? Series. How old is Ozan Dolunay? Age, height, weight, sign. A biography article containing information about his life. Who is Kenan Şanlı in the Dilek Taşı series?

Ozan Dolunay (Mehmet Ozan Dolunay), who was born on May 2, 1990 in Ankara, graduated from Enka High School and Cleveland Heights High School. While studying Mechanical Engineering at Koç University, he also received acting training from names such as Ipek Bilgin, Çağ Çalışkur and Bahar Kerimoğlu at the Craft Acting Workshop.

Ozan Dolunay, who made his debut with the play Killology, which is currently being staged at Craft Theater, was nominated for the “Best young talent” category at the Üstün Akmen Awards and Afife Jale Awards, and was entitled to receive the Üstün Akmen Best Young Talent Award.

Ozan Dolunay, who first appeared in front of the camera with the character of Barış in Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar in 2015, portrayed the character of Yigit in the Lise Devriyesi series with his first starring experience after the series Oyunbozan (Wind) and Yüksek Sosyete (Mert). The successful actor has appeared in numerous TV series and films in the following period.

Ozan Dolunay is from the sign of Taurus. he is 1.79 meters tall and 76 kilograms.

At the time of writing, he has 30,400 followers on his Twitter account and 1 million followers on his Instagram account.

Currently, she portrays the character of Kenan Şanlı in the Dilek Taşı series broadcast on Kanal D television channel.

Who is Kenan Şanlı in the Dilek Taşı Series?

He is twenty-eight years old. Figen's long-term fiancé. Kenan is a person who has a devil's feather, where he lives at night and there in the morning. For a long time, he deceived Figen with promises of marriage. His goal is not to be a family man. He is looking for ways to become rich in order to live the life he dreams of.

TV Series

2015 / Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar - Barış

2016 / Oyunbozan - Rüzgâr

2016 / Yüksek Sosyete - Mert Çalhan

2017 / Lise Devriyesi - Yiğit Doğrusöz

2018 / Darısı Başımıza - Ozan Tekinsoy

2019-2020 / Zalim İstanbul - Cenk Karaçay

2020 / Menajerimi Ara

2020 / İyi Günde Kötü Günde - Sarp Karasu

2021 / Misafir - Giray

2023 / Dilek Taşı - Kenan Şanlı

Internet Series And Movies

2021 / Bizi Ayıran Çizgi - Sinan Elçi (GAİN)

2023 / Merve Kült - Anıl Gürman (Netflix)

Soon / Kasaba


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