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 Who is Onur Bilge? TV Series And Movies - Who is Ömer TV Series Tahir? How old is Onur Bilge? Age, height, weight, sign. A biography article containing information about his life. 

Onur Bilge is a theater, TV series and film actor.

He was born on February 18, 1983 in Tunceli.

He completed his primary education in Tunceli.

He graduated from Istanbul Village Services Anatolian High School.

After finishing high school, he won the Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, but he waited a year to go.

The next year, he won the Dokuz Eylül University Industrial Engineering Degree.

While studying this department, he got acquainted with theater.

Then he entered the Acting Department of Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts and graduated from there.

Sahnekarlar continued his theatrical life in ensembles and institutions such as BBŞT, Istanbul State Theater, Craft, Bagaj, Sadri Alışık Theater.

While studying at the theater department, he was awarded the Arda Kanpolat Best Actor Award in 2011 for his Woyz Dec play.

He had her first series experience in 2005 with the series Kirik Kanatlar, in which she played the lead role; he acted in the series Çalıkusu and Gamsiz Hayat.

He played the character of Ejder in the Gülperi series broadcast on the TV screens of the show.

Onur Bilge also stepped into the world of cinema with the film İncir Reçeli 2.

He starred in films such as Beni Çok Sev, Süküt Evi, Evlenmeden Olmaz.

He has also appeared in various short films.

He has played in many series such as Ben Gri, Kaderimin Oyunu, Yeşilçam, Kırmızı Oda, Söz, Rüya, Umuda Kelepçe Vurulmaz, Yeter.

Today, he gives life to the character of Tahir in the series Ömer.

A successful actOR, he continues to take part in new projects within Art Istanbul management.

Onur Bilge is from the sign of Aquarius. he is 1.77 meters tall and 75 kilograms.

At the time of writing, he has 16,100 followers on his Instagram account.

TV Series And Movies


Ben Gri


Kaderimin Oyunu


Kırmızı Oda

Yarım Kalan Aşklar

Beni Çok Sev



Sükut Evi 



Umuda Kelepçe Vurulmaz

Gamsız Hayat


Vahyin İzinde

İncir Reçeli 2

Eksik Sayfalar


Kırık Kanatlar


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