Who is EYLÜL TUMBAR? How old is she? Age, Height, Weight, Horoscope - Series

 Who is Eylül Tumbar and where is she from? How old is she? Age, height, weight, zodiac sign - the sequences she plays. A biography article containing information about his life.

Eylül Tumbar was born on August 19, 2002 in Çeşme district of Izmir.

She has a brother who is currently 16 years old, studying in high school.

His father was a bartender, and his mother was a painter.

Eylül Tumbar's childhood years were spent in Izmir.

She started acting in theater plays from her middle school years.

Acting, which he initially considered a hobby, then decided to develop by taking trainings.

in 2023, the Netflix series 'Biz Kimden Kaçıyorduk Anne?' she had her first series acting experience by portraying the character 'Bambi/Aslı' in the TV series '.

Then, she took the lead role in the TV series 'Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz', the series of TRT 1 television channel, and played the character of 'Alize Soner'.

The Izmir actress is from the sign of Leo.

She is 1.69 meters tall and weighs 51 kilograms.

She did not have any aesthetics done.

She has no known lover.

She is continuing her university education at Izmir University of Economics, Department of Cinema and Digital Media.

She continues his life alone in Istanbul.

She continues to take part in new projects within the For Us Communication management.

The manager of the successful player is Emre Akbaş.

She uses Twitter and Instagram on social media.

At the time of preparation of this article, mavi tikli has 6,135 followers on his Twitter account and 549,000 followers on his Instagram account.

The number of followers on the young player's social media accounts is increasing every day.

As the number of projects in which it takes part increases, this increase is expected to accelerate.


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