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 Who is Aras Şenol? The TV series and movies he starred in. What TV shows did he play in? Who is actually the Serdar in the Hayatımın Neşesi series? Who is Aras Şenol and where is he from? Is he married? How old is he? Her girlfriend, her height, her weight, her horoscope. A biography article containing information about his life.

Aras Şenol was born on July 4, 1993 in Istanbul, Turkey, he is an actor.

He is of Albanian descent on the mother's side, Kars from the father's side.

The athlete grew up in a family.

His father is a football coach.

He is a former basketball player and national swimmer.

The actor, who is from the sign of Cancer, is 1.82 meters tall and 74 kilograms.

He has had a happy relationship with Eylül Şahin for a while.

Aras Şenol graduated from the Theater Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Yeditepe University in 2016.

He has acted in theater festivals in Lebanon, Croatia and Italy and in a commercial film shot by Ridley Scott.

in 2016, he played the İki Efendinin Uşağı in the theater play.

Between 2018 and 2022, she gave life to the character of Çetin in the television series ’Bir Zamanlar Çukurova' for 141 episodes.

This series made her star shine, despite the fact that it was her first series project.

in 2020, he was the winner of the “Emerging Actor of the Year” award at the Mersin Golden Strawberry Awards.

in 2023, the young actress who gave life to the character of Levent in the TV series Aşkımız Yeter is currently portraying the character of Serdar in the TV series Hayatımın Neşesi, which is being broadcast on TRT 1 television channel.

The successful actress continues her acting career by being registered with Binbir İletişim agency.

Aras Şenol, who uses Twitter and Instagram on social media, has 63,200 followers on his Instagram account at the time of preparation of this article.


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