Yargı 62. Part Trailer! Watch the Last Part of the Yargı in Full One Piece - Yargı 61. watch episode!

 Yargı 62. Part Trailer! Watch the Last Part of The Yargı In One Piece. Yargı sequence 61. watch episode! The new section is Channel D.

Yargı series continues to be watched both in Turkey and in different countries of the world. The support given to the series from social media is also quite large. The performance of the actors in each episode is appreciated by the audience. The series continues to attract attention with its exciting script. Kanal D television channel has had a great success with the Yargı series.

Watch the Last Episode of Yargı!

Yargı series, 61st on Kanal D television channel. he appeared before the audience with his section. 61. immediately after the end of the episode, 62. the episode trailer has also started to be awaited with excitement. 62. the series, which will continue with the episode, will be broadcast every Sunday at 20.00.

Yargı series has a large audience and the series is not expected to have a finale until the end of the season. In the new season, it is said that the series will be the final one at the end of the season, when the series will not be broadcast.

Yargı 61. Episode

Kanal D's rating record-holder series Yadırım, produced by Ay Yapım and starring Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pınar Deniz, is coming to the screen with a new episode of Yadırım.

Ilgaz, especially Ceylin, was exonerated as a result of great dedication. However, those who accuse Ilgaz unjustly will not stop. Now the enemy, whose games he has set up have been disrupted, must also deal with a stronger Ilgaz that they can no longer keep inside.  

Ömer, who was detained as a result of Yekta's collaboration with Ceylin and Eren, finds himself opposite Özcan and Turgut Ali. Now it is his turn to justify and defend himself. Yekta's change of front seems to have disrupted Ömer's whole game. However, as always, Omar has another way out...

Although the young people's plan to capture the evidence on the way from Eyüp to Ömer was successful, Eyüp stepped into the secret. This is why young people find themselves in great danger. Will he be able to get out of here again with his own efforts?

Ilgaz, who has reunited with Ceylin and his family, is also waiting for a battle inside the courthouse. Now the biggest unanswered question remains: who is the power or forces behind Omar? Ilgaz will pursue this question at the expense of his life and will experience the biggest shock of his life in the face of the answer he has found.


YARGI  62. Episode Trailer

The new episode trailer will be added to our article as soon as it is published.

Another episode full of excitement and intrigue has been left behind in the Yargı series. The Yargı series managed to collect the appreciation of the audience with the last episode broadcast. So what will happen in the new episode of the Yargı series? This question will be answered when the last trailer video is released. The new episode trailer of the judicial series will be added to our article as soon as it is published.

Yargı Actors

Ceylin: Pınar Deniz

Ilgaz: Kaan Urgancıoğlu

Metin: Hüseyin Avni Danyal

Eren: Uğur Arslan

İnci: Ece Yüksel

Engin: Onur Durmaz

Yekta: Uğur Polat

Pars: Mehmet Yılmaz Ak

Çınar: Arda Anarat

Defne: Beren Nur Karadiş

Gül: Zeyno Eracar

Parla: Zeynep Atılgan

Aylin: Pınar Çağlar Gençtürk

Zafer: Ali Seçkiner Alıcı

Makbule: Özlem Çakar

Osman: Onur Özaydın

Neva: Başak Gümülcinelioğlu


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