The Last Part Of The Toprak İle Fidan! 85. Watch The Episode - 86. episode trailer

 Watch The Last Episode Of Toprak İle Fidan! 85. Watch the episode star tv. 86, 87, 88, 89, 90 new episodes trailer.

The daily series Toprak İle Fidan continues to be broadcast every Weekday at 16.00 on the Star TV television channel. 85. the episode published is the 86th new episode of the series. he will be in front of the audience with his section. The 100th of the series. when he reaches the episode, he is expected to say goodbye to the audience by making the final.

Watch the Last Episode of the Series Toprak İle Fidan

A separate trailer video is not being released for each episode of the series. A single promotional video is shared for each week. In addition, for those who missed the episodes of the series and want to watch them again, all the episodes are shared fully and uninterrupted on the official YouTube channel and the official website of Star TV.

Watch The Last Episode Of Toprak İle Fidan

Friday March 31, 2023 will be the 85th anniversary of the beloved series. let's remember what happened in the department. We have added the link to watch the last episode under the summary of the series.

Toprak İle Fidan 85. watch the episode

Toprak İle Fidan share an emotional moment, and that's why Aydan has a nervous breakdown. Enough comes to the mansion, but Halide tries to send him away without anyone seeing. Burak still does not talk, but it is noticed by everyone that he is very afraid of Aydan. Ali finds out who attacked him, but does not tell Ece. Ayşe finally confronts Adnan, but all the cards are in Adnan's hands.

'Toprak İle Fidan' is on Star every weekday at 16:00… 


Toprak İle Fidan 86. Episode Trailer

Toprak İle Fidan New Episode Trailer

Toprak İle Fidan - New Week Introduction (April 3-7, 2023)

Toprak İle Fidan Cast

Toprak: Osman Aydın

Fidan: Hazal Adıyaman

Keriman: Asuman Bora

Aydan: Hilal Tüfekçi

Mert: Kağan Arpacı

Asya: Burcu Kırman

Adnan: Gürol Güngör

Burak: Yağız Ali Zeyveli

Ece: Eliz Türker

Yalçın: Mehmet Çelik

Zerrin: Nazan Bayazıt

Ayşe: Jülide Güven

Osman: Hüseyin Bul

Halide: Hülya Aslan

Şenay: Gülşah Yavuz

Ali: Sefer Canbaz

Esin: Tutku Damla Aygan


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