Ömer 14. Episode Trailer - Ömer 13. Watch the Full Episode

 Ömer 14. Episode Trailer. 13. Watch the Full Episode. The last of the Ömer series, watch the new episode of Star Tv.

Ömer series is the 13th on the Star TV television channel. he appeared before the audience with his section. 13. 14 right after the end of the episode. the episode trailer has started to be awaited with excitement. 14. the series, which will continue with the episode, will be broadcast every Monday at 20.00. Ömer series has a large audience and the series is not expected to make a finale until the end of the season.

Produced by OGM Pictures, Ömer is directed by the successful director Cem Karcı, while the screenplay is written by Gülizar Irmak.

Ömer 13. watch the episode

Well, the 13th of the Ömer series. what happened in his department?

Seeing that Ömer and Süreyya are getting closer, Gamze makes a sudden decision and takes the first step to marry Erdal. For Omar, this rapprochement means a much different meaning. Realizing that he can't love Süreyya no matter how hard he tries, Ömer can't take it anymore and breaks the engagement at the expense of confronting everyone and breaks up with Süreyya. This news, which creates a bombshell effect, makes both Süreyya's family and Reşat and Tahir very angry.

The fact that Hakan comes out of nowhere will cause April and her family great shock. April, who has been experiencing great pains in the absence of her husband, is forced to keep quiet in the face of Hakan's unexpected return in order not to be pressured by Tahir again. Despite all her efforts, Reşat, who could not return Omar to Süreyya, has the last hope of Gamze's engagement to Erdal. For this reason, he does not refuse the offer from Erdal. Upon learning that Ömer has left Süreyya, Gamze is aware that she has already entered an irrevocable path. When he confronts Omar for the last time, he says that everything is over, but Omar is determined to oppose the path that fate has drawn for them this time.


Ömer 14. episode trailer

Monday April 24th with the new episode of Ömer is on Star TV!

Another episode full of excitement and emotion has been left behind in the Ömer series. The new, final episode promotional trailer will be added to our article when it is broadcast by the Star TV television channel.


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