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 Başım Belada series 5. Watch the Full Episode of One Piece ATV. I'm in trouble, TV actors.

The series Başım Belada was broadcast every Sunday at 20.00 on ATV! The broadcast time of the series has changed and it is now broadcast at 23:20. The series appeared before the audience with its fifth episode. Although the series Başım Belada is still a new series, news had been published that the series would be the final. 5 Of the series. information had begun to spread that the episode would be the final episode. The allegations turned out to be true. 5 Of the series. the episode was the last episode. 6 Of the series. there will be no section. Başım Belada, the series is over. He made the final.

Başım Belada Watch The Last Episode

What happened in the new episode of the new series of screens that brings together Keremcem and Merih Öztürk in the lead roles? Here Başım Belada 5. Episode summary...

Başım Belada 5, which breathes new life into Sunday evenings. It was broadcast on ATV television channel with the episode. Başım Belada, which gave pleasant moments to those who watched the first four episodes, once again offered an exciting and enjoyable adventure to those who watched the new episode. 5. 6, which is the new episode trailer immediately after the end of the episode. the episode trailer has also started to be awaited with excitement, but since the series has ended, it is 6.there will be no episodes. 

What happened in the new episode of Başım Belada starring Keremcem and Merih Ozturk? Here Başım Belada 5. Episode summary and full tracking link.

Başım Belada Series 5. Watch the Full Episode

Leyla does everything she can to prevent Azam from finding out everything.Azam can't catch Leyla from the images. Leyla, who thinks that Azam will catch them, evaluates the news about Badi very well and manages to dispel Azam's suspicions a little. Leyla thinks that Azam will catch them at any moment and decides that it is the only solution to make Azam fall in love with her and attract her to their side. He is looking for various ways to make Azam fall in love with himself. Safa tells Azam that she remembers some things. Will Safa's memories bring about the end of everything?

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Başım Belada TV Series Actors

Keremcem (Azam), Merih Öztürk (Leyla), Kaan Taşaner (Çağdaş), Umut Oğuz (Pele), Sinan Çalışkanoğlu (Yüksel), Yağmur Öztürk (Melike), Ali Çatalbaş (Tayfur), Zeynep Kumral (Narin), Ali İpin (Hikmet), Nazan Diper (Şerife) , Yiğit Ege Yazar (Buğra), Bilgesu Kural (Berna), Ferdi Kurtuldu (Timur), Orhan Eşkin (Oktay), Berke Üzrek (Badi Uğur), Burakhan Yılmaz (Safa), Sevinç Kıranlı (Vildan), Bade Arazlı (Işıl), Murat Akkoyunlu (Üstün), Ayçin İnci (Melis), Selahattin Taşdöğen (Namık)

Başım Belada Series Topic

Azam Kamber, a former police officer, has set up a team with his close friend Pele to follow up the cases of those who have been wronged. His private life is turbulent. After the painful incident she experienced, her mother in Trabzon wants to marry her childhood friend Melike. While Azam is trying to fend off the pressures, Pele gets busy and sends a photo of Leyla, the elder daughter of the Biçer family, who are Azam's new neighbors, to the Sheriff from Azam's phone with the note "The girl I love". After that, the Kamber family takes Melike with them and comes to Azam from Trabzon to Istanbul as soon as possible. Azam falls into a big predicament, on the one hand, the girl I love has to cope with the lie, on the other hand, she has to keep hiding the fact that she resigned from the police, which she hid from her father. As a matter of fact, his father is troubled by his heart. How will Azam hide his resignation from his father? On the other hand, Leyla and her family, who were photographed, are a "strange" family. Leyla's family is a family with special talents, each of them except her father Tayfur. Tayfur does not have special skills, but he is someone who does risk analysis, pays close attention to details. If the mother is a Delicate Harvester, she is a skilful hypnosis master. Leyla's siblings Buğra and Berna are highly skilled, one in computer hacking, the other in hand-to-hand combat. The murder of Safa, the eldest son of the family, by a Contemporary leads the family to a revenge plan. But in front of them there is a Contemporary Being who is a member of a STRUCTURE that stretches everywhere. Moreover, there is something they never knew about Safa's death. While the family is pursuing revenge plans on the one hand, they will often come across Azam, who is their opposite neighbor, on the other hand. Azam and Leyla will fall in love with each other on this journey full of secrets. But they are surrounded by impossibility from all sides. Will their love get a chance to live?


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