Barbaros Hayreddin: Sultanın Fermanı 14. Watch the Episode - Watch the Last Episode Full! 15. episode trailer

 Barbaros Hayreddin: Sultanın Fermanı 14. Watch the episode. Watch the new, last episode, full hd, one-piece on TRT 1. 15. episode trailer.

Barbaros Hayreddin: Sultanın Fermanı series met with its audience with its new episode. 14. for those who cannot watch the episode during the broadcast time, we have added the full viewing link to our article.

14. we have bad news for those who watched the series whose episode was broadcast. TRT 1's period series 'Barbaros Hayreddin: Sultanın Fermanı', which has a difficult time attracting viewers, will make the final!

Berat Özdoğan took the director's chair; Tolgahan Sayışman took the lead role and will be at the 15th annual Istanbul Film Festival next week on Friday. the series, the episode of which will be screened, will be 20. he is preparing to end his screen adventure with the episode. 

Barbaros Hayreddin: Sultanın Fermanı 14. watch the episode

After Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha swears by his grave that he will take revenge on those who martyred Aydin Reis, the news comes to him that the Traveler has disappeared. On the other hand, Charlemagne, who poisoned the Pope in the name of protecting his throne, is pressured by Isabella, who regrets the arrangement they made together, about the antidote. But he would not be convinced. Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha, who learned that Barbaros Hayreddin did not agree with Dorya, tells Dorya that there is only one thing left to be done. Barbaros Hayreddin's head will be taken.

Having received the order from Barbaros Hayreddin that the Pope should be protected, Salih begins to apply the Reis device and learns from Isabella that there is an antidote. Knowing the difficulty of getting his troops into Payitaht, Dorya made a plan to recruit men in Payitaht. However, he is unaware that this plan was also foreseen by Barbaros. Barbaros Aydın will keep the oath he made at the beginning of the Reis' grave and will capture Dorya as well. However, the messenger sent by Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha will prevent him from asking for an account from Dorya. On the other hand, Dervish, who continued to go over the subject with a name he took from Şahsuvar in order for the established games to end now, will tell all he has learned to Barbaros, who is preparing to go to peace.

Barbaros Hayreddin comes to the presence of Grand Vizier Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha and sees that the death warrant has been issued by sending an executioner to his head. The Dervish, who saw that there was no choice but to tell Suleyman the Magnificent all that had happened, came to peace with Yahya Efendi and will save Barbaros' life. It was learned that it is necessary to go to Himara Castle to find the island, and Barbaros and Dorya will go to this island on two separate ships by order of Suleyman the Magnificent. Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha, who has no choice but to submit to the fact that Sultan Süleyman prevented Barbaros Hayreddin from dying by his own hands, establishes another organization that will lead to the death of the Barbaros who went to Himara Castle. Barbaros Hayreddin, who set his sail to death again, told the Dervish to stay in Payitaht and continue to follow the policy pursued by Pargalı Ibrahim before this expedition, and the Dervish will learn that Grand Vizier Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha has a secret that he cannot answer to Suleyman the Magnificent with the information he will receive. Luna will find out what will happen to the Barbarians while she is on the Dorians' ship. Barbaros Hayreddin and his levents, who were cornered when they approached Himara Castle, will remain nose to nose with death.

Barbaros Hayreddin: Sultanın Fermanı 14. Click Here To Watch the Full Episode

Barbaros Hayreddin: Sultanın Fermanı 15. episode trailer

The new episode trailer has been released.

The new episode will be added to our article as soon as the trailer video is published.

Barbaros Hayreddin: Sultanın Fermanı Cast

‘Barbaros Hayreddin: Sultanın Fermanı" series; "Tolgahan Sayışman, Timur Acar, Ufuk Özkan, Bahadır Yenişehirlioğlu, Arif Pişkin, Melisa Döngel, Hasan Küçüktekin, Başak Daşman, Ceren Soylu, Gökhan Gencebay, Deniz Çom, Gurur Aydoğan, Ilkay Kayku, Yılmaz Bayraktar, Duygu Gürcan, Halil Ibrahim Kurum, Gizem Aydın, Ercüment Fidan, Sibel Kasapoğlu, Demirhan Demircioğlu , Yaşar Aydınoğlu, Yiğit Arda Tan, Revma Çolak"such successful names are taking part Dec. Barbaros Hayreddin: Sultanın Fermanı is on TRT 1 every Friday...


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