Aldatmak 25. Watch the episode atv! Aldatmak is the Last Part! 26. Episode Trailer - New Episode Trailer

 atv's series "Aldatmak", which is watched with interest and produced by TIMS&B Productions and produced by Timur Savcı and Burak Sağyaşar, comes to the screens every Thursday with a new episode.

Aldatmak is broadcast every Thursday at 20.00 on ATV with new episodes. You can watch the series via live ATV broadcast on the Internet. In addition, repeat episodes of the series are being broadcast on ATV's official website and official YouTube channel.

Aldatmak Watch The Last Episode

25 Of the Aldatmak series. breaths were held in the department. The excitement and intrigue have peaked!

The plan that Yeşim has established through Tarık falls into the water. Yesim, who is blindsided by her ambition, has now entered a dangerous path and started preparing for her new moves. The whole family has been somewhat relieved by the facts learned thanks to Tolga. However, Tolga, who faces Oltan's evils again, is waiting for difficult times. Cold winds are blowing between Oylum and Sezide.Dec. The eminent, the happier he is for the Bard, the more worried he is for Oylum. Despite Güzide's opposition, Oylum does not stop doing what she wants. Every move that Behram makes for his love continues to affect Oylum. Although Behram tries his best to be close to Oylum and his family, he finds Güzide in front of him. 

Aldatmak 25. Click Here To Watch The Episode

Aldatmak 26. Episode Trailer

What will happen in the new episode of Aldatmak? This question will be answered when the new promotional trailer is released. The video will be added to our article as soon as the last trailer video of the series is published. atv television channel does not allow its videos to be displayed on websites other than YouTube. For this reason, the trailer video can only be watched via YouTube and ATV's broadcast outlets.

Aldatmak 26. Click Here To Watch the Episode Trailer

Aldatmak Cast

Vahide Perçin (Güzide Yenersoy), Ercan Kesal (Ali Sezai Okuyan), Mustafa Uğurlu (Tarık Yenersoy), Cem Bender (Oltan Kaşifoğlu), Yusuf Çim (Ozan Yenersoy), Caner Şahin (Tolga Kaşifoğlu), Aras Aydın (Behram), Feyza Sevil Güngör (Oylum Yenersoy), Defne Samyeli (Elmas), Asena Girişken (Yeşim Denizeren), Cem Sürgit (Ümit Özgüder), Meltem Baytok (Nazan Tokluca), Burcu Söyler (Selin), Burak Acar (Mesut), Canan Ürekil (Zeynep), Masal Ayşe Gencer (Öykü)


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