Aile 7. Part Trailer! Aile 6. Watch the Full Episode of The TV Show!

 Aile 7. episode trailer. Aile 6. Watch the Full One-Piece Episode of The Show TV! The new, final trailer. The subject of the Aile series and its actors.

6, which is the new episode of the Aile series that sits in first place in the ratings. Tuesday April 11th, the episode met with the audience on the evening.

6 Of the Aile series. What happened in your department?

With Devin and Aslan starting to live on the farm, Hülya takes action to show that she has the dominance over the family.

He introduces Devin to the rules of the Bloodline. Devin, who thinks that these rules violate his own area of freedom, confronts Hülya.

Aslan plans an evening alone with Devin. The night they spend together in Volta, Devin bringing Aslan face to face with a reality that he has not been able to face until now, will change all the balances.

Igbo enters a new fight with Leo after the fire and makes a big move. He will confront Aslan with his greatest fear, the letter that Yusuf Soykan left to his son. However, Leo is not the only one who is shaken by the memories of his father. Cihan knocks on Devin's door with the same feelings. While Devin is good to Cihan in this regard, he will harm Aslan.

On the other hand, Ati, who continues to operate the dark plan he set up behind Aslan's back, gets close to him at the party he invited Ceylan to. The person whom Yağmur encounters at the same party will cause the dark notebooks of the past to be opened for both Yağmur and the Genocides.

A big fight between Devin and Hülya at a family dinner is a harbinger of the storm that will break Dec, while Aslan witnesses this fight. There is a Lion opposite Devin that he has never met before. And now it's Devin's turn to face it.

Aile Watch The Last Episode

‘Aile’, written by Hakan Bonomo with the original screenplay and directed by Ahmet Katıksız, 6. he met with the audience with his section.

In addition to Tatlitug and Sarikaya, the series, consisting of Nejat Işler, Canan Ergüder, Ushan Çakır, Umutcan Utebay, Yüsra Geyik, Mert Denizmen, Ecem Simge Yurdatapan and a huge cast consisting of veteran actors Levent Ülgen, Emel Göksu and Nur Sürer, meets the audience on Show TV on Tuesday evenings at 20.00.

Aile 6. Click Here To Watch the Full Episode

Aile 7. Episode Trailer

The Aile new episode trailer video has been released.

New Trailer

The new episode trailer of the Aile series will be added to our article as soon as it is published.

The Subject of the Aile Series

Sofra is the only place that reminds Soykans that they are a ‘family’. While a table is being set for the whole family to gather again that day, Aslan is on a plane to Izmir to solve another of his ‘dark’ affairs related to his uncle. Psychologist Devin and Aslan's paths cross on this journey. Devin is also going to Izmir to deal with a new problem that his sister has got into. It is very clear that they are people of different worlds. But it doesn't take long for them to discover their common ‘wound'; their family. Aslan violates a very important rule of the Soykan Constitution for Devin from the very first night. This is enough for his mother Hülya, who feels an obsessive devotion to Aslan, to realize the great danger approaching; Devin. Hülya's job, which she has shown many times before that she can do anything to prevent her son from leaving the family, will not be as easy as before this time. However, it is not only Hulya whose job is not easy. The encounter on the Izmir plane will be just the beginning of the difficult path that our wounded heroes from the family will take to start their own family…

Aile Series Actors

Aslan Soykan: Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ

Devin Akın: Serenay Sarıkaya

Hülya Soykan: Nur Sürer

Cihan Soykan: Nejat İşler

Leyla Soykan Sayıcı: Canan Ergüder

İbrahim Soykan: Levent Ülgen

Seher Soykan: Emel Göksu

Tolga Sayıcı: Mert Denizmen

Director: Ahmet Katıksiz

Screenplay: Hakan Bonomo

Producer: Kerem Çatay

Music: Toygar Işıklı

Production: Moon Construction


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