YARGI 55. Watch The Episode! Watch the Last Part of The Yargı In One Piece

 Yargı 55. Watch The Episode! Watch the Last Part of The Yargı In One Piece. Watch the new episode of the Yargı series Channel D.

The Yargı series continues to be watched both in Turkey and in different countries of the world. The support given to the series from social media is also quite large. The performance of the actors in each episode is appreciated by the audience. The series continues to attract attention with its exciting script. Kanal D television channel has had a great success with the Yargı series.

Watch the Last Episode of Yargı!

The Yargı series is the 55th on Kanal D television channel. he appeared before the audience with his section. 55. immediately after the end of the episode, 56. the episode trailer has also started to be awaited with excitement. 56. the series, which will continue with the episode, will be broadcast every Sunday at 20.00.

The Yargı series has a large audience and the series is not expected to have a finale until the end of the season. In the new season, it is said that the series will be the final one at the end of the season, when the series will not be broadcast.

Yargı 55. Watch The Episode

Sunday March 5, 2023 will be the 55th anniversary of the Yargı. In the episode, Defne's kidnapping incident and the news of Ridvan's death affect everyone deeply! 

Ilgaz is in a very big effort to find Defne as soon as possible. Time is getting shorter and shorter. Everyone around him, especially Ceylin, helps him with all their strength. Now a big clue will fall into their hands. The death of Salim and Ridwan has overturned all the rules. The consequences of the impulsive decision made by Pars are rapidly leading him towards a great destruction.

On the other hand, Metin's critical vital condition continues; Çınar, on the other hand, questions his brother's decisions. On the front of Yekta and Omar, who are involved in the incident by the groom as a client, Omar is in a rush to play an unexpected trump card. There will be an unexpected reaction from Ceylin to this move, which will redefine the fronts.

Despite the problems between them, the Ilgaz-Ceylin couple, who are trying to reach a solution together even in this case, which has reached great threats to all members of their family, stands right at a Decoupling. They have to make a decision in divorce cases.


Yargı is on Kanal D every Sunday evening at 20.00 with new episodes…


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