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 Kanal D television channel continues to make its name with the daily series it broadcasts. Daily series are watched both in Turkey and in different countries of the world.

In the last episode, the 78th of the Hicran series. the episode was published. 78. those who could not watch the episode or those who wanted to watch it again started looking for the full episode of the series in search engines. Dec. We have left the tracking link in the post for you. We have also added the summary of the last section to our article. There is also a new episode trailer at the end of our article. You can also access information about what will happen in the new section through our article.

Watch The Last Hicran Episode Full


Hijran 8 March published on Wednesday the 78th. in the episode, Hijran finally returns to the mansion. He is glad for the Order that suddenly sees him in front of him. The 78th, which was published on Wednesday, March 8th. what happened in your department? Hijran is on Channel D in HD quality with its new episode.

The video Emre sent affected Hicran. He feels bad because he has upset Angel. But he is in mourning because of Elif's death, and he does not want to upset Melek either. Keriman, on the other hand, does not want Hicran to quit his job.  He puts pressure on about it. Seeing that Emre and Melek are upset because Hicran did not return to the mansion, Burak also talks to Hicran. Hicran finally returns to the mansion. He is happy with the Order that suddenly sees him in front of him. The angel freezes. Beyto, who suddenly appears in front of the bakery, surprises Ipek. Meanwhile, Tayfun comes to the bakery with three tramps with him. His goal is to take revenge on Berkay and Ipek. Beyto knocks them all down before the punks make a move. In a Decrepit state, Berkay intervenes when he almost kills Tayfun. The typhoon escapes. Betho will also leave. Berkay asks who Beyto is, Ipek passes it off by saying that he has a friend. Berkay is annoyed that Ipek does not make a statement. A cargo arrives at the bakery. The courier asks about Elif's relatives. He will deliver the cargo to him. Ipek is found empty, he says that he is close to Berkay at the same time. Berkay looks at the confused Silk. Ipek won't know what to say.

Thursday March 09th at 17.00 with the new episode of Hicran on Kanal D…


Hicran 79. Episode Trailer

Hicran 79. The Episode Trailer has been released!

Everyone, especially the Angel, is very happy about Hicran's return to the mansion.

Emre tries to talk to Hicran, but they are both arrested. Meanwhile, Yeliz tries to find the person who caused the breakdown of the wedding. An official envelope that comes to Emre attracts Aliye's attention.

Hicran is on Kanal D every weekday at 17.00 with its new episodes!


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