Watch the Last Episode of Hicran! 74. Watch The Episode - 75. Episode Trailer

 Watch the Last Episode of Hicran! Hicran 74. Watch The Episode. Hicran 75. Part Trailer. Hicran TV series actors.

Kanal D television channel continues to make its name with the daily series it broadcasts. Daily series are watched both in Turkey and in different countries of the world.

The other day it was the 74th Hicran series. the episode was published. 74. those who could not watch the episode or those who wanted to watch it again started searching for the full episode of the series in search engines. Dec. We have left the tracking link in the post for you. We have also added the summary of the last section to our article. There is also a new episode trailer at the end of our article. You can also access information about what will happen in the new section through our article.

Watch the Last Episode of Hicran

Thursday March 2 Hicran is the 74th edition of the publication. while everyone in the department is taking care of the wedding preparations, the Angel disappears. Everyone thinks that Soner kidnapped Melek. Thursday March 2 is the 74th edition of the broadcast. what happened in your department? 

Emre is unhappy because she realizes that she cannot reach Hijran and explain the situation. Hijran, on the other hand, has removed him from his life and is only interested in the Angel. Yeliz does not leave Emre empty even for a moment. He continues his efforts to include her in the marriage preparations. However, Emre behaves more coldly towards Yeliz as the marriage date approaches. Yeliz takes out his ambition by being hard on the employees, especially Zehra. Zehra, who knows Yeliz's game, does not make a sound in the face of these attitudes, but she is sharpened against him. While everyone is busy with the wedding preparations, the Angel disappears. Everyone thinks that Soner kidnapped Melek. When Ipek learns that Berkay did the deed of the bakery on Elif, he gets angry, thinking that Berkay is playing a game. Meanwhile, things get complicated because of the Typhoon that comes to the bakery.

Hicran is on Channel D in HD quality with its new episode.


Hicran 75. Episode Trailer

Hicran 75. The Episode Trailer has been released! Everyone is relieved when Melek, who is believed to have been kidnapped by Soner, returns home with Burak.

Wedding preparations will continue. Hicran is sad, but he doesn't show his feelings to anyone.  Emre's mind is also in Hicran. He remembers his memories about her, he is unhappy. The angel is also sad, he does not want to attend the wedding.

Hicran TV Series Actors

April Sofiya Aksongur (Angel) Ambassador Zahra Irem (Hijran) Berk Bakioğlu (Emre) Rain Mulgenc (Yeliz) Melda Arat (Aliye) Yaşar Üzer (Suleyman) Aydan Burhan (Bridesmaid) Özlem Sürek (Nurten) Iclal Karaduman, (Keriman) Tuan Öztürk (Soner) Tolga Demircan (Ferit) Lucid Mayor (Elif) Batuhan Gülcemal (Berkay) Nadir Ersoy (Dervish) Sinan Bengier (Yaşar) Korkut Solver (Beyto) Emel Özcan (Ipek) Burak Uyanık (Burak) Mehmet Tokat (Celal) Hilal Rifleman (Zehra)


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