Watch The Last Episode Of AŞK VE UMUT - 109. Watch The Episode! Watch The New Trailer

 Watch The Last Episode Of Aşk Ve Umut - 109. Watch The Episode! Watch the New Trailer. Aşk Ve Umut series 110. watch the episode trailer. Aşk Ve Umut 111, 112 episode trailer.

Aşk Ve Umut continues to be broadcast on Kanal D every weekday at 16.00 with new episodes.

Aşk Ve Umut Watch The Last Episode

Thursday March 9th, 2023 will be the 109th anniversary of Aşk Ve Umut. Sila, who found North injured in her department, is trying to heal her!

Zeynep, who has difficulty digesting Ege and Melis' relationship, wants to talk to Ege, while Feraye confronts her daughter about the Melis-Ege relationship. Feraye's wish is for Melis to end this relationship in order to prevent further Decoupling between the two sisters. But Melis, who does not know that she is a sister with Zeynep, does not intend to give up her passion for the Aegean and the resentment she feels for Zeynep. Ege, on the other hand, is looking for ways to relieve Gönül's longing for Zeynep and to find out the facts about Gönül. Yildiz, whose world was darkened by Elif's death, comes to Bulent's house to ask for an account to the North. But no one knows that North is lying injured in the woodshed of a village house. Sıla, who is doing her best secretly from her mother to heal him, is both dealing with the problem of livelihood and healing the wounds of the North.

Aşk Ve Umut is on Kanal D every weekday at 16.00 with new episodes…


Aşk Ve Umut Actors

Eda Elif Başlamışlı


Furkan Okumuş


Mine Çayıroğlu

Firdevs Çalışkan

Özgür Kaymak


Arda Esen


Zafer Demircan


Melis Girşen


Hakan Dinçkol


Cemre Kurum


Gamze İğdiroğlu


Serap Önder


Burcu Almeman

Mürvet Demir

Oğuzhan Karbi


Aşk Ve Umut New Episode Trailer

Aşk Ve Umut 110, 111, 112 episode trailer.

Aşk Ve Umut 22. The Trailer of the Week is on the air! The north is losing itself after Elif's death!

Elif's death has caused a shock effect on everyone, especially in the North. The star thinks that North is the culprit and makes a plan. But the North has already been destroyed. On the other hand, the Heart is also attacked in prison.


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