Watch The Last Episode Of AŞK VE UMUT - 104. Watch The Episode! Watch The New Trailer

 Watch The Last Episode Of Aşk Ve Umut - 104. Watch The Episode! Watch the New Trailer. Aşk Ve Umut series 21. Watch the trailer of the week.

Aşk Ve Umut Watch The Last Episode

Thursday March 2, 2023 will be the 104th anniversary of Aşk ve Umut. in the episode Bülent and Feraye give up divorce!

Bülent and Feraye's announcement that they have given up on divorce is greeted with joy in the family. While Melis is flying from happiness with this news, she is shaken by the message received on her phone. Melis goes to talk to Ege to find out who took the photo of the moments when she and Ege kissed. Zeynep learns the facts from Arda while thinking that their love will be rekindled with a gift and a meeting call from the Aegean on Valentine's Day. Arda declares his love to Zeynep and tells her that he will wait for an answer from her Dec. On the other hand, Elif and North are at the peak of their love. Drunk with love and happiness, the duo experience the excitement of the promise day, unaware of the danger that awaits them. However, Elif and the North are standing at the very end of the barrel of Handan, who has gone crazy with the pain of losing the North.

Aşk Ve Umut 104. Watch the Full Episode

Aşk Ve Umut  New Episode Trailer

Aşk Ve Umut 21. The Trailer of the Week is on the air! Handan is targeting Elif! Aşk Ve Umut 105, 106 episode trailer.

The Decoupling between Zeynep and Aegean has become increasingly tense. Zeynep will now make up her mind about the matter. On the other hand, Elif and North's love constantly encounters obstacles. Handan can't stand the fact that the North is separating from him and points his gun at Elif. 

CLICK TO WATCH THE New Trailer Of Aşk Ve Umut

Aşk Ve Umut is on Kanal D every weekday at 16.00 with new episodes!


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