Things are Complicated in the Series of ATEŞ KUŞLARI!

 Ateş Kuşları, which deeply impressed the viewers with its emotional story, attracted great attention with its eighth episode. The series was also talked about a lot on social media with the hashtag #AteşKulları. In the eighth episode of the Ateş Kuşları series, Barbaros' asking Gülayşe for an account and Emerald's coming to ask for Gülayşe in the finale of the episode marked the night.

What happened in the eighth episode of The Ateş Kuşları?

Barbaros, who was detained by Ali at the tire shop, saw messages from Emerald on Gülayşe's phone through Yakup. After Barbaros got rid of Ali's interrogation by Doctor Mete, Gülayşe got into the car with a great anger and said, "We're going to dinner!" he put it on, saying. Barbaros put an empty plate in front of him at the place where he brought Gülayşe and implied that he was full from last night. Barbaros asked what Gülayşe had eaten last night and the account of the interesting messages from Zümrüt on her phone. Although Gülayşe said that he did not have dinner last night, Barbaros did not believe and asked if Emerald had made blackmail or threats to Gülayşe. Gülayşe said that she was not forced to go out to that dinner, that she was waiting for Barbaros last night, but he did not come, and that's why she went out to dinner with Emerald. Barbaros was devastated by this answer.

Zümrüt said on the phone that he would come to ask for Gülayşe from his family, while Yakup heard all the conversations and informed Barbaros. Emerald went to ask for Gülayşe with flowers and chocolate in her hand. Emerald asked for Gülayşe from her older brother Ali. Ali, on the other hand, asked Gulaysha if she had her consent to be in accordance with etiquette. Just as Gülayşe was about to answer, Barbaros appeared at the door in shock. Gülayşe's "I have consent!" with that, Barbaros was destroyed. Ali couldn't believe his Coral and Harpoon ears. Emerald, gladly wearing the rings while Constant, "No consent!" saying that, he walked over to Emerald with the screwdriver he took in his hand. That's when Emerald's man pulled the trigger. Barbaros hid himself in Sabit the moment he saw the gun.

Produced by Mehmet Bozdağ, project design and screenplay by Ayşe Ferda Eryilmaz and Nehir Erdem; Ateş Kuşları, directed by Gökhan Ayiz, stars Ilayda Alişan, Hande Soral, Burak Tozkoparan and Görkem Sevindik, while the cast of the series includes successful actors Nizam Namidar, Serkan Ercan, Ahmet Saracoğlu, Erdem Şanli, Emir Çubukçu and Umut Inan, who gives life to the childhood characters in the series, Almira Abay, Fuat Fatih Odabaşı, Berke Obuz, Umut Ege Baştemur and Çınar Yüzgünçeker are taking part.

Ateş Kuşları are on ATV on Friday at 20.00 with their new episode!


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