The Leading Actors of the TV Series KRALİÇE And The Characters They Portray

 The characters of the series in which Cevdet Mercan is sitting at the director's chair, which is about the life of his wife being turned upside down as a result of the involvement of the name of one of the most famous basketball players in the country in a big scandal, are as follows;

Deniz Gencer Akça (Burcu Özberk)

She's a strong woman. Moreover, he has a structure that likes to look strong, does not hesitate to build walls between people just to avoid showing their wounds and weakness. Dec. Practical intelligence, a complete problem solver. He is someone who loves himself, the core family he has built for himself and his life very much, is proud of his family and his stance, and plays to the top. A passionate woman who is patient, but whose patience can shine quickly when she moves... She can't stop being truthful and listening to the voice of her conscience. Despite childhood traumas due to the past of his father and mother, his heart has not hardened. Growing up as a very loved and treasured girl next to her father, who raised her without separating her from her siblings, has a great impact on her growing up ... She knows how to love and be loved.

Ateş Akça (Gökhan Alkan)

An extremely attractive man Shoot. Someone with charm who can attract women to himself like a magnet attracts iron powders. But he has Deniz... He has the self-confidence and charisma that comes from being almost a team with his wife Deniz. The prerequisite for being a good athlete is to believe and be disciplined. There are both of these in the Fire. He's a very good father, Fire. His daughter Dream adores him almost. He is also attached to his daughter with a great love... Again, because of his job, he pays great attention to his appearance, nutrition. It can even be said that he is a little obsessed with these two. There is a deep-seated fear of being late. Don't be late for life. That's why he's a cautious and cautious man... because of these characteristics, he sometimes confuses his priorities, gets lost in the dark recesses of his soul.

Zeynep Gencer (Selin Şekerci)

A bitter woman, Zeynep. His heart seems to have joined in. However, one thing he has in common with his brother, with whom he clashes from time to time, is that he builds walls to escape and hide from people. Sometimes his grumpiness is also Zeynep's wall. Not having a child and feeling half herself has led her to healing even more over time... She is looking for energy to heal her soul in the soil, herbs, essences and soil energy... She got the hand from her mother Nevbahar, whom she lost at a young age... Now she is looking for her own healing by preparing essential oils, herbal mixtures from the medicinal plants she produces, offering healing to others... She is just recovering after a long divorce depression. She still has feelings for her ex-husband Engin, and the attraction between them that they can't resist. Dec. A Romeo and Juliet story is almost theirs....

Ali Gencer (Özgün Karaman)

A quiet, naive young man. Ali is embarrassed. He is offended both because he opened a business on his own, was swindled and went to prison, because he thinks he has disgraced his family... And because he loves his ex-wife, the mother of his son Aslan Narin very much, because he got into trouble for her and went to prison, because he has a criminal record. He is someone who does not like to show his feelings and thoughts. Overshadowed by two dominant older sisters. He has a rage that is growing inside him, ready to explode. And also his dream... to cultivate the land left by his father... maybe he wouldn't be alive if his son wasn't a Lion, Ali. However, he has a son. He lives for his son, whom his ex-wife Narin did not take care of, left behind while he was thrown into another life, and he is trying to become a better man. He wants to be successful for her, to be a father that she admires. He is a very good observer and a good farmer.


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