TEŞKİLAT 68. Part Trailer! Watch the Last Episode - Teşkilat 67. Watch The Episode - One Piece in Full HD

 Teşkilat 68. Part Trailer! Watch the Last Episode - Teşkilat 67. Watch the Episode - Full HD One-Piece TRT 1 new episode.

The Teşkilat is the 67th on the TRT 1 television channel. he appeared before the audience with his section. 67. immediately after the end of the episode, 68. the episode trailer has also started to be awaited with excitement. 68. the series, which will continue with the episode, will be broadcast every Sunday at 20.00. The Teşkilat series has a large audience and the series is not expected to make a finale until the end of the season.

Watch the Last Chapter of The Teşkilat

'Teşkilat' is broadcast every Sunday evening on TRT 1 with new episodes. The series, in which the excitement and tempo never decreases, attracts great interest both in our country and in different countries.

Viewers are excitedly wondering what will happen in the new episode of the series, and therefore search engines are Deciphering what will happen in the new episode. 67. the people who missed the episode are also trying to find out what happened in the past episode.

Teşkilat 67. Watch The Episode

Directed by Burak Arliel, the Teşkilat's cast includes Murat Yildirim, Deniz Baysal Yurtcu, Gurkan Uygun, Turgut Tunçalp, Levent Can, Yunus Emre Yildirim, Serdar Yeğin, Ahmet Uğur Say, Ergün Metin, Seren Deniz, Yunus Narin, Atilay Uluışık, Cansu Busra Tuman, Ebru Nil Aydın, Hande Dilan Hancı, Ela Naz Koçak. 

Well, the 67th of the Teşkilat series. What happened in the episode?

After the successful operation, the team enters a more difficult test with the capture of Zahra. Efkar learns that the enemy from the past is at his door. This causes Sacide's wounds to bleed even deeper.   The team, whose time is running out to save Zehra, starts risky operations. With the team entering a path where they have to make a choice, Omar has only one chance to save Zahra. As the battle between Efkar and Hartley becomes even more dangerous, it is time for the two enemies from the past to settle accounts Dec.


Teşkilat 68. Episode Trailer

Another episode full of action and excitement has been left behind in the Teşkilat series. 67. immediately after the end of the episode, viewers began to wonder what would happen in the new episode. So what will happen in the new episode of the series? 68, which is the last trailer video. this question will be answered when the episode trailer is released. 68. the episode trailer will be added to our article as soon as it is published.


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