ÖMER 10. Episode Trailer - Ömer 9. Watch the Full Episode

 Ömer 10. Episode Trailer. 9. Watch the Full Episode. The last of the Ömer series, watch the new episode of Star Tv.

The Ömer series is on the Star TV television channel 9. he appeared before the audience with his section. 9. 10 right after the end of the episode. the episode trailer has started to be awaited with excitement. 10. the series, which will continue with the episode, will be broadcast every Monday at 20.00. The Ömer series has a large audience and the series is not expected to make a finale until the end of the season.

Ömer 9. Watch The Episode

Well, the 9th of the Ömer series. what happened in his department?

Believing that Gamze cannot be happy with Erdal, Ömer takes steps that will endanger his relationship with Süreyya while trying to keep him away from this mistake. Confused by the appearance of Ömer, Gamze tells her mother that she will not get in the way of marriage with Erdal, but she finds a Fatma in front of her that she never expected. Fatma's slap at Gamze in anger creates a bomb effect in everyone's life. Reşat suspects that something is not right in Nisa's house, and realizes the financial difficulties her daughter is experiencing. April Decker, meanwhile, what Yaman at school tells Emine about her father leads to a tension between Emine and Nisa. Although Emine seemed to believe her mother, Yaman's words aroused doubts in her. Feeling that she could not find enough return from her love for Ömer, the seeds of doubt sown by Figen begin to sprout in Süreyya's heart. Taking a decisive step to find the answer to the questions in her mind, Süreyya will leave Ömer in a difficult dilemma.


Ömer 10. Episode Trailer

Another episode full of excitement and emotion has been left behind in the Ömer series. The new, final episode promotional trailer will be added to our article when it is broadcast by the Star TV television channel.


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