O KIZ is 24. Episode Finale Trailer - Watch the Last Episode - Watch O Kız Finale!

 O Kız is 23. Watch the full episode. O Kız is 24. Watch the Episode Trailer. Watch O Kız Finale! O Kız is the Final Trailer.

O Kız series continued to be watched both in Turkey and in different countries of the world. There was also a lot of support for the series on social media. Nevertheless, O Kız series is making a finale by not being able to withstand the ratings race any longer. How will the series end? What will happen in the last episode?

O Kız Watch The Last Episode

8 On the evening of Wednesday, March 23. what happened in the series that came before the audience with the episode? Let's present the summary first for those who missed the published section. Also 23. After adding the full section tracking link to our article, let's inform you about what will happen in the new section. The final episode trailer of the series was also released.

O Kız is 23. Watch The Episode

Repeat episodes of the series O Kız can be watched from the official Kanal D website and the official YouTube channel. 

Kanal D's beloved series O Kız is 23. he came to the screen with his episode on the evening of Wednesday, March 8. What happened in the twenty-third episode of O Kız, which aired on Wednesday, March 8th? O Kız is 23. In the episode Zeynep meets her real father! O Kız is 23. Watch the full episode! What happened to O Kız in the twenty-third episode? Who are O Kız show actors? O Kız series starring Erkan Petekkaya and Dilin Döğer is about the life of Zeynep and her father Kadir, who has mental retardation!

O Kız 8 is published on Wednesday, March 23. In the episode Zeynep meets her real father!

Both Melek and Kadir are heavily affected by being on the farm again after many years. While Melek and Sinan are having a great tension about the farm in a secluded corner, Kadir, who has been lost in the old days, experiences a violent explosion of emotions that shakes Zeynep. That's how Zeynep finds out that her father grew up on that farm, but she can't find out what made him like this.

In Istanbul, Ismail and Turkan are shocked that Kadir and Zeynep are at the farm (thanks to their phone conversation with Kadir). 

On the other hand, as the tension between Melek and Sinan escalates, Sitare is forced to intervene and lower the blood pressure without anyone Dec Deciphering anything. The moment he and Sinan are alone, he finds himself in Sinan's goal.

O Kız is on Kanal D on Wednesday evening at 20.00 with her new episode!

O Kız is 23. Click Here To Watch the Full Episode!

O Kız is 24. Episode Trailer

O Kız is 24. Episode Trailer - The FINALE is on the air! The bard is making a terrible plan!

Zeynep is devastated to learn that her real father is Sinan. But Kadir yaşar, who thinks that he has lost Zeynep, is the real devastation. Being separated from his daughter hurts his innocent heart very much. The poet, on the other hand, has become a prisoner of his ongoing ambitions. He makes a terrible plan with Zeynep at its center. Now everything is at the end of that trigger. What will happen to Zeynep?

O Kız is on Kanal D on Wednesday at 20.00 with the final episode!


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