Kader Oyunları (Bahar) Series Cast And Story - New Turkish Series 2023

 the year 2023 is not very bright in the weekly series in the TV industry in Turkey, but a large number of daily series that can be called a record took their place on television channels in Turkey in 2023.

Another daily series will start soon, but the series that will start this time may have a bomb effect.

The series has two names. The reason is that it will be published both in Turkey and in different countries of the world.

The series, which will be broadcast in Turkey under the name of Kader Oyunları, will be broadcast in other countries under the name of Bahar.

The series, which has been filming with great care since November of 2022, has almost come to an end for the broadcast stage.

It is expected that the series will attract great attention both because the producer companies are successful companies and because there are well-liked actors in the cast.

It seems that the channel planned to be broadcast at the moment is TRT 1.

The cast of the series, whose promotional video was released, was largely announced.

There are many well-liked actors in the series, and it seems that an excellent quality series will be presented to the audience.

In fact, it may even be one of the most popular daily series in the history of Turkish TV series.

The series, which has stock episodes prepared, is planned to last at least 2 seasons and 200 episodes will be broadcast in 45-minute episodes.

The publication date of the new daily series 'Kader Oyunları' series signed by Üs Yapım is not yet clear.

The directors of the series are Emre Bahadır Çırakoğlu and Serkan Aydıner.

The series, which was distributed abroad by MISTCO and written by Deniz Aydenk, brings together names such as Ali Yasin Özegemen, Turku Su Demirel, Hilal Yıldız and Isabella Damla Güvenilir Dec.

We have added the promotional video to the end of the article. We recommend that you definitely watch it.

Let's continue to inform you about the subject of the series and its actors.

Kader Oyunları (Bahar) Story

Humanity has been tested on the verge of good and evil for centuries. Our identity is determined by our destiny, and our fate is determined by the choices we make on the threshold of both.
Kader Oyunları (Bahar), which is co-produced by MISTCO and ÜS YAPIM, is the story of a young girl who tries to keep goodness in spite of all the darkness around her.
After Bahar witnesses the murder of her father, she tries to prove that Aysun (her stepmother) committed the murder.
On the other hand, Bahar and Demir's love, which met just a few days before the murder, grows day by day and becomes even more impossible due to Aysun's (stepmother) obsessive attachment to Demir and determination to win Demir at all costs.

Bahar, a very helpful young girl, opens a vocational training course to help housewives earn money in a poor neighborhood.
The place he chose is the neighborhood where Demir lives.
Demir, who went to Izmir for a few days for Aysun's job, meets Bahar on the day he returns.
As soon as the two meet, they begin to clash.
Bahar first gets a special dessert that Demir reserved for his sister and couldn't find anywhere else, then she crashes into Demir's motorcycle with her car, causing it to be scrapped.
The Deconfliction between the two young people soon turns into intimacy.
On the same day, as a result of sabotage, a fire breaks out on Bahar's route and Bahar is caught in the flames.
It is Demir who saved the life of a young girl by entering the fire at the expense of his own life and brought Bahar out.
Aysun blamed the businessman Harun, who she thought caused her father's death, and survived for years with a dream of revenge.
Aysun's goal is to marry Harun as soon as possible, complete her revenge by killing him immediately after the wedding, and then start a new life with her young lawyer Demir, with whom she is passionately in love.
Aysun, who carefully prepared her plan, convinces Harun to marry her quickly, and then kills her with her own hands.
Although he tries to make Harun's death look like a suicide, Bahar is after the truth.
On the same day, Bahar calls her father, but she cannot reach him.
Her father and Aysun are at each other's throats at that moment.
During this struggle, the phone accidentally turns on and Bahar hears what Aysun is saying to her father.
Meanwhile, Bahar, who is moving at full speed to catch up with them, hears that Aysun has shot her father and has a very serious accident out of panic.
He is taken to the intensive care unit.
Aysun knows that Bahar heard the murder on the phone.
For this reason, he decides to get rid of the young girl as soon as possible.
He sends his hitman, who also helped him kill Harun, and asks him to kill Bahar while she is in the hospital without creating suspicion.
Aysun's hitman Kürşat tries to unplug Bahar in the intensive care unit and take her off the life support machine, but due to a mishap, he is unable to do so.
Bahar soon overcomes the life-threatening condition caused by the accident.
This situation means disaster for Aysun.
An unexpected development comes to the rescue of Aysun, who is panicked by Bahar's survival.
When Bahar wakes up from her coma, it is understood that she has lost her memory as a result of a traffic accident!
Aysun's goal is to protect Bahar, who will cause great trouble if her memory comes back, from danger by keeping her very close to her.
So Bahar returns to her father's house after being discharged from the hospital and is treated very badly at home, where she was treated like a princess until recently.
Aysun is unaware of anything.
Demir, who he is passionately in love with, met Bahar without Aysun's knowledge a week before the accident and fell in love with the young girl!
The emotional attraction between the two turns into love in just a few days.Dec.

Destiny Games (Spring) Cast

Türkü Su Demirel

he's 25 years old. She is extremely beautiful, attractive and well-intentioned. She is the daughter of one of the leading businessmen in Turkey. For this reason, he grew up in extremely comfortable conditions in a financially privileged family. Despite this, he has never been a spoiled person. Just like his mother, who died when he was very young, he became a humble, helpful and conscientious person. Although she studied business administration to take over the family business, she also opened a vocational training center to help women living in a poor neighborhood.
Bahar, who will have to face extremely difficult exams throughout the story, will sometimes pay heavy prices in the face of problems, sometimes make great sacrifices, but she will never stop pursuing what she believes in, no matter how difficult the situation is.

Ali Yasin Özgemen

he's 26 years old. He is a very handsome, athletic, attractive and charismatic young man. He lives in a poor family in Istanbul with his aunt Hacer, his sister Elfin and his aunt's son Tarik, and he loves his sister Elfin more than anyone in the world.
Demir, a young man with a very developed sense of justice, became a lawyer precisely for this reason. He is very talented, does his best, has an extremely practical and solution-oriented intelligence. The fact that he is someone who can easily influence everyone has also created great difficulties for Demir. Aysun, whose aunt Hacer worked as a cleaner a few years ago, fell passionately in love with Demir.
Aysun, who stepped in after Demir's sister Elfin had a sudden and fatal illness, covered the treatment costs just because she was Demir's sister and saved Elfin's life.
For this reason, he is still in the life of the family and his passion for Iron is increasing.
Demir, who took over as Aysun's lawyer due to a debt of gratitude, feels obliged to help her even though she does not trust him. However, Aysun will reveal her morbid obsession with Demir in a short time and Demir, who is in love with Bahar, will have to fight a great danger named Aysun.

Hilal Yıldız

she is a beautiful, attractive, impressive 41-year-old woman, but at the same time very dangerous.
Although he seems to be a very well-intentioned, innocent and emotional character from the outside, storms break out inside. Bahar's father blamed Harun for the death of his own father, whom he lost many years ago, and lived for 25 years to get revenge on Harun.
He draws and implements detailed plans step by step, never gives himself away.
He ruined many men's lives with his plans and finally managed to get close to Bahar's father Harun. Her ultimate goal is to marry and kill Harun immediately after the wedding to get revenge, and then get together with Demir, with whom she is passionately in love Dec. But he encounters an unexpected obstacle: Spring... Now Aysun has to fight with Bahar, who wants to avenge her father's death and bring Demir, who is in love with Bahar, into a big, cruel and difficult battle.

Kadir Polatçı

He is the driver of the mansion where Bahar lives with her father. he's 31 years old.
He is a former Special Operations soldier. He has serious psychological problems due to the traumas he experienced during the operations he participated in.
Bahar's father Harun hired Şeref to support him and made him a part of the family in good faith, as he did to all his employees. However, Şeref has developed an obsessive love for Bahar and has made the young girl the center of his life in his dreams.
All this makes Honor an extremely dangerous character. The fact that he is psychopathic enough to commit murder if necessary and his obsessive love for Bahar will cause great troubles in the coming days.

Isabella Damla Güvenilir

She is Demir's younger sister and she is 16 years old. He was confined to a wheelchair due to an illness he suffered a few years ago and has still not fully recovered from his illness. As time passes, he lives with the risk of becoming completely paralyzed and losing his life due to this disease. A young girl who clings to life despite her illness is a lively, crazy, funny and very witty girl. Hacer is constantly playing games and scaring, communicating with his brother Demir, whom he loves very much, in a humorous language. Elfin, a very cute character who will be loved by everyone from the first episode, will play a critical role in the essence of the story, causing the Iron and Spring love to come to a dead end, and at the same time becoming Bahar's hope to achieve justice and revenge.

Zeynep Dreyfi Zuhri

She is the aunt of Demir and Elfin. He is 42 years old. She is a woman who lives in a poor neighborhood and makes a living by cleaning the houses of rich people. Uneducated, self-seeking, selfish and malicious. He loves Aysun very much because she helps him with money and always plays against him. That's why it gets Demir in trouble. She also raised her son Tariq. he's Deceptive like himself, but he's not on good terms with Tariq either. Hacer, who is never willing to do something that is not in his own interest and does it reluctantly only when he has to, will get closer to Aysun as the story progresses and become an extremely big threat.

Ercüment Çırak

He is the 22-year-old son of Hacer. He is a handsome, athletic and attractive young man, but he has an extremely bad character. From the outside, he looks like a "cute bad boy", but in fact he is a sneaky young man who is more dangerous than he looks. He got together with the most beautiful girl in the neighborhood, Hazan, just for her own sake. Dec.
Tarik, who exploits the young girl both financially and spiritually in every sense, does not hesitate to do anything for his own benefit. In the following sections, Hazan, indirectly Bahar and Demir will go through a very difficult time.

Melis Özçimen

She is a beautiful 21-year-old girl who lives in the same neighborhood as Demir's family. She is the cousin of Demir, the lover of Tarik and the daughter of Gönül, one of the most beloved women in the neighborhood. She works in a local tailor shop and is extremely talented. Tariq's lies about how he loves her deceive her and with the official support of her aunt, who lives in the United States, she is persuaded to flee to the United States with Tariq. As part of this plan, she secretly marries Tariq but is unaware that the young man is using her. Ayşegül, pure and good. In the following chapters, she will be shaken by the betrayal of the man she loves and will play an active role in complicating events.

Kader Oyunları (Bahar) Promotional Trailer


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