GÖNÜL DAĞI 87. Watch the Full Episode - The New Series of the Gönül Dağı, The Last Episode

 Watch the Gönül Dağı 87 Episodes in full. The series Gönül Dağı is New, Watch the Last Episode of TRT 1.

Saturday March 4th, the new episode of the series Gönül Dağı was broadcast on TRT1 on the evening. 87. the series, which continues with the episode, will be broadcast every Saturday at 20.00. Gönül Dağı series has a large and loyal audience and the series is not expected to make a finale until the end of the season.

Watch the Last Part of the Gönül Dağı

TRT1's beloved series continues to be broadcast and receive attention. The series has been a great success and wins the audience's appreciation in every episode. A high-level series with both emotional and funny scenes. The video of the last episode of the Gönül Dağı series was also shared. (The tracking link is under the summary article)

Well, the 87th of the Gönül Dağı series. What happened in your department?

The Gönül Dağı 87. Episode

The sons of uncles are one step closer to their dreams. Amcaoğulları, who rolled up their sleeves to establish the Informatics Valley, encounters an unexpected obstacle. What will Taner do to ensure that his construction does not stop? Selma is looking for clues so that Divane can get back to her daughter. Selma, who is trying to reach Dursun Çavuş, finds out that the only person who knows the secret is someone she knows. Will Selma find out the truth? Jasmine, who cannot stomach the cancellation of the wedding at the last moment, continues to disturb the Kaya Family. What will be Taner's reaction to Jasmine?

Hüseyin and Muammer, who went to prison because of the treasure, face difficult days here. Will the duo, who have been given a hard time by the warden of the ward and other prisoners, be able to get out of the dangerous situation they are in? Elif (Zümre Meğreli) and Kenan (Serkan Kuru), who took the wedding date early, are shocked by a news that has arrived. We will learn about this incident that shook the duo in the new episode of the series.


Gönül Dağı Cast

Starring Berk Atan, Semih Erturk and Cihat Süvarioğlu, Gönül Dağı features Ecem Özkaya, Nazlı Pınar Kaya, Ferdi Sancar, Ali Düşenkalkar, Erdal Cindoruk, Gülhan Tekin, Feyza Işık, Ege Aydan, Eser Eyüboğlu, Şebnem Dilligil, Yavuz Sepetçi, Nuri Gökaşan, Hazal Çağlar, Serkan Kuru, Hüseyin Sevimli, Çiğdem Aygün, Ulviye Karaca, The film stars Zumre Meğreli, Sait Seçkin, Güliz Aybay, Öznur Yağcı, Hande Nur Tekin and Sevilay Gültekin.


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