Esaret 60. Episode Trailer! Esaret Series 59. Watch the Full Episode

 Esaret 60. Episode Trailer! Esaret Series 59. Watch the Full episode in one piece on channel 7

Channel 7 continues to make a name for itself with the daily series it broadcasts. One of the series that he has published and attracted attention is the Esaret series. Thursday March 2nd of the bondage series will be the 59th. he appeared in front of the audience with his section and received acclaim. The series is attracting attention both in Turkey and in different countries of the world. The support given to the series from social media is also quite large. So what happened in the last episode?

Thursday March 2nd of the much-loved domestic series Esaret aired on the 59th screens. he had met with the audience with his section. Esaret meets its audience on Channel 7 screens every weekday at 19:00.

Esaret Series 59. WATCH THE Episode

Esaret 60. Episode Trailer

What will happen in the new episode of the Bondage series? 60. You can get an idea by watching the episode trailer video.

The Subject of the Esaret Series

Orhun, who is burning with arrogance and revenge ambition on the one hand, and Hira, who is ready to take on the role assigned to her, even though she is sinless on the other hand... Orhun, the crown prince of the Demirhanli family, and Hira's love, kneaded with revenge, who has lived under slavery all her life, will take her place on screens every weekday with Kanal 7's brand new series Bondage.

Captivity; attracts attention with its different story. The Demirhanlı Mansion is shaken by a painful news. The twin sister of the leader of the family, the mighty Orhun Demirhanlı, falls victim to a terrible murder in Africa, where she went on a mission. Facing the painful reality in Africa, where he went to pick up his sister, Orhun sets his mind on punishing his brother's killers. Orhun, who is trying to move on with the fire of revenge in his heart, is returning from Africa with an ember of fire inside him, and Hira, a slave girl, is next to him. After that, the world will not be the same as before, nor will Orhun Demirhanlı…

While fate is dragging the desert winds all the way to Istanbul, a haughty and a victim are on the same path now. And the 'captivity' started once.

Esaret Series Actors

Mahassine Merabet, Cenk Torun, Ali Yağız Durmuş, Hilal Anay, Melahat Abbasova, Mustafa Şimşek, Zeki Ocak, Esra Demirci, Pervin Mert, Yağmur Çelik, Yaren Yıldırım, Kerem Tanık, Ceren Su Gülnaz Özçelik, Bülent Ergün, Başak Durmaz, Öncil Aktarıcı, Gözde Erdem, Sinem Karaçoban


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