Emanet 528. Watch the Episode - Emanet Sequence 529. episode trailer

 Watch the Last Episode of Emanet! Emanet Sequence 529. Watch the Episode Trailer. Channel 7 today is 528. watch the episode. Tuesday March 28th, 2023.

Tuesday March 28, the 528th edition of the much-loved domestic series Emanet to the screens. he appeared in front of the audience with his section. Emanet, which is pregnant with new excitements, meets with its audience on Channel 7 screens every weekday at 21:15. So what happened in the Emanet series and what will happen in the new episode? The introductory trailer of the new episode of the Emanet series has been released! Here are all the details...

Watch the Last Episode of Emanet

Tuesday March 28th of the much-loved domestic series of the screens, the 528th of the Emanet series. you can watch the episode in full, in one piece and without interruption by clicking on the link below.

Emanet 528. Watch The Full Episode

Emanet 529. Episode Trailer

Another episode in the Emanet series, in which both exciting and emotion-laden scenes were intense, was left behind. So what will happen in the new episode of the Emanet series? 529. this question will be answered when the episode trailer is released.

The new promotional trailer will be added to our article as soon as it is published. The trailer for the last episode of the Emanet series has been released!

Emanet 529. Section Introduction

The Story of the Third Season of the Emanet Series

After the death of Seher, Yusuf closes in. Yaman, who is mourning his dead wife on the one hand, wants to make his only nephew laugh again on the other hand. But the solutions that Yaman has found will not work at all. On the other hand, Aziz's brother goes after his brother's killer. Combining the clues she found, Nana reaches the real killer of Aziz, Topal. To turn this situation into an opportunity, Topal tells Nana that the killer is Yaman. Nana, who is known against Yaman, enters the mansion as Yusuf's caretaker. How will this stranger who suddenly entered their lives affect Yaman and Yusuf's life? Will Nana see the real face of Lame? Will the face of Yusuf, who closed his heart to the whole world, smile again? All of them and more will be presented to Channel 7 viewers with Emanet.

The Actors of the Emanet Series

Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan, Sila Turkoglu, Berat Wind Ozkan, Melih Ozkaya, Ipek Arkan, Tolga Pancaroglu, Ferda Isil, Fikret Hurkan, Hulya Aydin, Onur Saracer, Omer Gecu, Binnaz Ekren, Hilal Yildiz, Oguz Yağcı, Zeynep Naz, Derya Ertun, Mehmet Ali Aydin, Ozge Agyar, Volkan Yildrim


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