Çöp Adam 14. Part Trailer! Stickman 13. Watch The Episode In Full One-Piece HD

 Çöp Adam 14. Part Trailer! Çöp Adam 13. Watch the Episode in Full One-Piece HD on STAR TV.

The Çöp Adam series continues to be broadcast on the Star TV television channel on Wednesday evenings at 20.00. The series is of interest where viewers are wondering what will happen in the new episode in each episode.

Whose life is the Çöp Adam series? Who does the Çöp Adam story belong to? The answers to their questions are often searched in search engines by those who watch the series Decently. So is the Çöp Adam real? Who is he really?

The creator of the series' story, Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu, explained that this person is actually a very famous person in real life. However, he did not give his name.

The most recent was on March 8, 2023 at the 13. we left a different section behind again in the series that aired the episode. For those who cannot watch the series on the date of publication, our summary article and the 13. We have added the full section tracking link to our article. 14, which is also the trailer for the new episode. the trailer video of the episode was also added to the post. So what happened in the episode that aired on March 8, 2023?

Çöp Adam 13. Watch The Episode

Tamer, turned upside down by what he faced during his interview with the psychiatrist, makes a difficult choice about his life. Peri, on the other hand, experiences the joy of getting the proof she wants after Dilber's visit, but things do not go as she expected. The Fairy, destroyed by what Tamer says, drifts to the bottom thoroughly.

Berrin is happy to have her husband back, but at the same time, her confrontation with Peri disturbs her conscience. Ahu starts meeting with Cenk secretly. One of these meetings, which he hides from everyone, is witnessed by an unexpected person.

Meryem suspects Dilber and Yavuz's closeness. The doubt and jealousy gnawing at Mary's insides brings the ropes to the point of breaking with Yavuz. Peri's exit from their lives has comforted everyone in the mansion. Just when everything is back on track, a development experienced will shake the mansion from its foundation.

Çöp Adam 13. Click Here To Watch the Full Episode 

Çöp Adam 14. Part Trailer! 

Çöp Adam Cast

Engin Altan Düzyatan, Elçin Sangu, Sedef Avcı, Füsun Demirel.

The Story of the Çöp Adam Series

Tamer, who started to struggle with life at a very young age, was tired of family problems rather than the bread fight he was engaged in, Tamer managed to protect the child inside by turning all these difficult conditions into a game. He was left to the foster home by his parents, and he and his sister Mary grew up there. Tamer is now married and has a child.When the computer game he designed awakens a big success, an American giant company becomes a partner in Tamer's company. Tamer, who suddenly has a great fortune, first of all takes a yali in the strait to gather his family under a roof again. No one can say about the joys of his mother Aysel and father Bülent, who have settled in the mansion, but it will be very difficult for Tamer to compensate for the painful days that have passed. The balances that Tamer is trying to establish turn upside down the moment he meets Peri. Fairy, who came to the point of giving up life with the violence of the blow she received from the closest one, suddenly finds herself in the secret world of Tamer.


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