Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam does not leave the first place!

 The beloved series of the screens‘ 'Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam', took place at the top of the ratings and social media while leaving behind its exciting new episode.

With its new episode, "BBCS" took the first place with a 5.73% viewing rate and a 14.87% viewing share in All People. Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam's episode tag #BBCS debuted at the top of the Twitter Turkey Trending Topics list shortly after the episode started!

Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam, 23. Episode Summary

Algiers goes after them to catch Bassilius, who was kidnapped from his place by Tatavlali and Tito. Because he still hasn't reached the slightest information about the Boatman. Tatavlali, who does not want to make any more enemies, organizes Bassilius' escape. With the Algerian team, he finds the trail of Tatavlali and Bassilius. Algeria thinks about the possibility that Orhan is alive in response to Tatavlali, who is trying to get Leyla, who is accused of Orhan's death, to receive a severe punishment, and begins to take action according to him. While Leyla is in isolation, desperately awaiting trial, Firuze comes to visit Leyla. Leyla makes an important wish from Turquoise, thinking that she will not be able to get out of the situation she is in. Some problems that Firuze has experienced with the management of the hospital where she works bring her career to the point of ending. Learning that his son Sait was killed in a conflict with Algeria, Sabit takes action to hit Algeria in the most sensitive place to close the old account. Azamet and Melike, on the other hand, in a secluded place, put into practice a serious decision they have made about their lives. Will Algeria be able to recapture Bassilius? Will the prediction of Algeria, which thinks Orhan is alive, turn out to be correct? What kind of change will happen in Turquoise's career? What is Sabit's revenge plan for Algeria?

Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam Cast

Oktay Kaynarca (Algeria), Ebru Ozkan (Leyla), Pelin Akil (Firuze), Ali Seçker Alıcı (Kurban Baba), Hakan Karahan (Dumrul), Erkan Sever (Orhan), Ragıp Savaş (Atakan), Gülenay Kalkan Ünlüoğlu (Elmas), Eren Vurdem (Azamet), Aslı Sevi (Azade), Kerem Kupacı (Ethem), Ziya Kürküt (Bekir), Pelin Uluksar (Suheyla ), Mina Derman (Suna), Batuhan Sezer (Omar Asaf), , Dever Alp (Canan), Başak Kırkım Ertanoğlu (Zühre), Burcu Binici (Meltem), Ömer Kurt (Kerim), Mert Kırlak (George Bagnall), Ahmet Yıldırım (Cafer), Tanıl Yöldırım (Canberk), Doruk Öztürk (Şamil), Osman Albayrak (Gentlemen's Court Azer), Melisa Duru Ünal (Coral), Aylar Melayeva (Sevim), Hanbey Oguzhan Çoban (Besim) and Işıl Yücesoy (Gülendam)


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