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 Başım Belada, actors. Başım Belada About the Series. The new series is atv. Başım Belada, the cast.

Baba Yapım signed the new ATV series Başım Belada is counting down the days to come to the screen. Sunday March 5, the series, which is preparing to be presented to the audience for the first time on Sunday evening, is directed by Hatice Memiş and Ulaş Cihan Şimşek together.

In the series, Keremcem, a former policeman who was suspended from his police post due to 'anger management', who gave life to 'Azam, will appear in front of his fans in a reverse corner role. Azam, who has no tolerance for injustice and injustice, will find himself in a new search for justice and love while trying to get over the tragic events he has experienced.

Umut Oğuz and Sinan Çalışkanoğlu, who give life to the most entertaining characters of the series, will also win the audience's appreciation with their performances. Pele (Umut Oğuz) and Yüksel (Sinan Çalışkanoğlu), who are loyal to Azam until the end, will not leave him alone for a moment. Pele's only fear in life, whose goal is to get rich without trying, is to be fired by Azam. Yüksel, who has a childish side, cannot bear evil for anyone even if he wants to, and calls him 'abi' even though he is older than Azam.

Başım Belada Series Topic

The overall story of 'Başım Belada', which Deconstructs crime, mystery, entertainment and drama, is as follows;

Azam Kamber, a former police officer, has set up a team with his close friend Pele to follow up the cases of those who have been wronged. After the painful incident she experienced, her mother in Trabzon wants to marry her to her childhood friend Melike. While Azam tries to fend off the pressures, Pele busies himself by busyness. He sends a photo of Leyla, the elder daughter of the Biçer family, who are Azam's new neighbors, to the Sheriff from Azam's phone with the note "The girl I love". After that, the Kamber family takes Melike with them and comes to Azam from Trabzon to Istanbul as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Leyla and her family, who were photographed, are a "strange" family. Leyla's family is a family with special talents, each of them except her father Tayfur. Tayfur does not have any special skills, but he is someone who does risk analysis, pays close attention to details. Mother Narin Biçer, Leyla's siblings Buğra and Berna are talented in different subjects. The murder of the family's older boys by Safa's Contemporary leads the family to a revenge plan. But in front of them there is a Contemporary Being who is a member of a STRUCTURE that stretches everywhere.

Başım Belada Series Cast

Keremcem (Azam), Merih Öztürk (Leyla), Kaan Taşaner (Çağdaş), Umut Oğuz (Pele), Sinan Çalışkanoğlu (Yüksel), Yağmur Öztürk (Melike), Ali Çatalbaş (Tayfur), Zeynep Kumral (Narin), Ali İpin (Hikmet), Nazan Diper (Şerife), Yiğit Ege Yazar (Buğra), Bilgesu Kural (Berna), Ferdi Kurtuldu (Timur), Orhan Eşkin (Oktay), Berke Üzrek (Badi Uğur), Burakhan Yılmaz (Safa), Sevinç Kıranlı (Vildan), Bade Arazlı (Işıl), Murat Akkoyunlu (Üstün), Ayçin İnci (Melis), Necip Karakaya (Ali Rıza Hoca)


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