AŞK VE UMUT 124. watch episode! 125. episode trailer

 Watch The Last Episode Of Aşk Ve Umut. 124. watch episode! The new episode trailer. Aşk Ve Umut series 125. episode trailer.

Thursday March 30, 2023 is the 124th edition of Aşk ve Umut. you can watch the episode in full, HD and uninterrupted. The series is broadcast every weekday at 16:00 on Kanal D television channel. For those who cannot watch the series at the time of the series' broadcast, repeat episodes can be watched on Kanal D's official website and official YouTube channel. A separate trailer video is not being prepared for each episode of the series. A weekly trailer video is prepared and published. Here is the last episode of the beloved series and the new trailer.

Will Zeynep forgive her mother?

Aşk ve Umut 124. Click Here To Watch The Episode

Aşk ve Umut 125. Episode Trailer

The North is kicking Sila out of the house! What is waiting for Hülya?

Ege and Zeynep can't stand being apart anymore. That's why Ege decides to leave Melis. On the other hand, Sıla's arrival at the North's house is not positively received by Naciye. There is a tension between S Dec and the North and the North kicks S Dec out of the house. On the other hand, Zeynep goes to Haldun's house to solve the questions in her mind.

Aşk Ve Umut Hope Actors

Eda Elif Başlamışlı

Furkan Okumuş

Mine Çayıroğlu
Firdevs Çalışkan

Özgür Kaymak

Arda Esen

Zafer Demircan

Melis Girşen

Hakan Dinçkol

Cemre Kurum

Gamze İğdiroğlu

Serap Önder

Burcu Almeman
Mürvet Demir

Oğuzhan Karbi


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