Aldatmak 22. Watch the Episode in One Piece on YouTube! Aldatmak Last Part! Episode 23 Trailer - New Episode Trailer

 Aldatmak Watch 22 Episodes of One Piece on YouTube, atv!Aldatmak is the Last Part! Aldatmak Series New Episode Trailer. 23. Part Trailer.

Thanks to the secret operation conducted by Elmas behind Jade's back, the file has been delivered to the right hands. It is time for Jade to be held accountable. He takes action using his resources to find the daughter of Sezide Sezai, who wants to do good to Sezai, who is always by his side. As for his career, which he is trying to hold on to again, he is unaware of the secret blow that Tariq will strike.

Although Oylum, who has still not overcome her breakup with Tolga, regrets it, it does not seem possible for her to recover her relationship. However, the fact that Tolga sees Oylum with Behram reinforces Tolga's prejudices.

Ozan opens a new page in his life with Zeliş. As a result of Yeşim's arrest, Umit is interested in the story, while Tarık shows his selfishness once again. But his recklessness will ensure that another trump card will be obtained against him. Tarik, who has been busy with his war against Güzide for a long time, does not realize that a great danger has come that he could not have foreseen. 

Aldatmak 22. Watch The Episode!

The Eminent, whose patience overflows in the face of Tariq's latest attack, reveals the trap set for him by opening a live broadcast.

He is no longer afraid of anything, he does not compromise his direct attitude in the face of his enemies. Their children and friends will welcome this publication with excitement.

Oylum has still not forgotten Tolga, despite Behram running after him.

He cannot hide his regret and remorse from his mother. While giving advice, Sezide realizes that her daughter has made similar mistakes with her in the past.

Ozan and Zeliş embark on a new relationship, while Selin and Tolga's friendship progresses.

When they go out for fun together, they get caught in a magazine. Selin and Oylum's friendship is about to be tested.

Jade realizes once again that building a home requires much more than a big house, while Tariq tries to figure out by whom and why he was kidnapped. As a matter of fact, a surprise name will appear behind the plan to detain Tariq.

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Aldatmak 23. Episode Trailer

What will happen in the new episode of Aldatmak? This question will be answered when the new promotional trailer is released. The video will be added to our article as soon as the last trailer video of the series is published.

The Names of the Aldatmak Series Actors

Vahide Perçin, Ercan Kesal, Mustafa Uğurlu, Cem Bender, Yusuf Çim, Caner Şahin, Feyza Sevil Güngör, Asena Girişken, Cem Sürgit, Meltem Baytok, Hatice Deniz, Burcu Söyler, Merve Altınkaya, Kerem Müsligil, Esin Alpogan, Neyra Kayabaşı, Burak Acar, Arda Atak, Canan Ürekil, Batuhan Sel, Masal Ayşe Gencer, Ege Semih Erken, Eda Özelcan Kesal, Mustafa Uğurlu, Cem Bender, Asena Girişken, Cem Sürgit, Defne Samyeli.


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