Al Sancak 9. watch episode! Al Sancak 10. episode trailer

 Alsancak 9. Watch the full episode and one piece on TRT1! Al Sancak 10. Watch the Episode Trailer. Al Sancak series, watch the new episode. Thursday March 30, 2023.

"Al Sancak" is broadcast every Thursday at 20.00 on TRT 1. The last 9 of the series. the episode was published. Also 10. The episode trailer was also released. So what happened in the last episode? What will happen in the new section? Who are the Al SancakTV series actors? Here are the details...

Al Sancak 9. watch the episode

Al Sancak 9. Episode Summary

In Al Sancak; while Boran's target has Mother of Pearl, the Claw Team and Nadia are facing off.

Sedef is at Boran's target!

The fact that the Special Forces carry out successful operations in a row forces the Octopus organization to make radical decisions. Boran, who enters the new equation as quickly as his name, puts Prosecutor Sedef Banazli, Ali Captain's brother, as the first target. Will Ali be able to protect his family from the impending danger?

The Claw Team is in operation

The forced landing of the helicopter carrying Professor Cihangir Yilmaz, a key name of the National Defense Industry, who was kidnapped by the Octopus, at the border line creates a new crisis for the Octopus. This development is a great opportunity for the Claw Team to save the hostage. The Sacit Commander, who manages the operation, mobilizes all the possibilities in order to take advantage of this opportunity.

Will Nadia be able to find out the fate of her mother?

Mithat gives Nadia and Amy the task of getting the professor out of his place and safely transporting him to the Octopus's science base. The Octopus that drives Boran to the field, on the other hand, experiences its own internal calculation through Mithat. The information that has been revealed is of vital importance to Nadia. Will Nadia be able to learn the fate of her mother?

The Claw Team and Nadia face off!

After the duo, Ali Captain and the Claw Team also head to the scene. Tim is unaware of Nadia's presence in the area. This situation is pregnant with new surprises. How will the Claw Team react when they encounter Nadia?

Ali Captain and Cihangir, will he be able to survive this ordeal?

Mithat plays his last trump card to get revenge on the Claw Team. With the inclusion of Boran, the border line turns into a big conflict area where everyone shares trumps. Ali Captain; Will he be able to get his team and Cihangir out of this hell?

Al Sancak 9. Click Here To Watch the Full Episode

Al Sancak 10. Episode Trailer

The new promotional trailer of the Al Sancak series will be added to our article as soon as it is published.

Al Sancak 9. the episode fagman has been published!

Al Sancak TV Series Cast Full List

Uğur Güneş - Piyade Yüzbaşı Ali Banazlı
Gülsim Ali - Nadia Ivanov
İdris Nebi Taşkan - Deniz Piyade Teğmen Aras Güneri
Ahmet Yenilmez - Çelebi
Gözde Türker - Aslı Yüzbaşı
Ahmet Olgun Sünear - Piyade Uzman Çavuş Selçuk Türker
Emre Dinler - Piyade Yüzbaşı Cengiz Uslu
Eslem Akar - Sedef Banazlı
Tezhan Tezcan - Piyade Astsubay Kıdemli Başçavuş İsmail Koca
Çağlar Sayın - Piyade Astsubay Üstçavuş Hüseyin Kümüş
Fatih Gühan - Piyade Astsubay Kıdemli Çavuş Süleyman Özer
Ömer Faruk Aran - Piyade Astsubay Üstçavuş Bora Cansız
Rıdvan Aybars Düzey - Deniz Piyade Yüzbaşı Selim Atakan
Murat İnce - Piyade Astsubay Başçavuş Mustafa İnal
Melih Özdoğan - Piyade Uzman Çavuş Sabri Kandemir
Sibel Aytan - Bahar
Cem Kurtoğlu - General Sacit Korkmaz
Osman Soykut - Mithat
Abidin Yerebakan - Vedat
Zeynep Koltuk - Amy


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