Al Sancak 5. Watch The Episode! Watch the Trailer for Episode 6

 Al Sancak 5. Watch the episode full and in one piece! Al Sancak Watch the Trailer for Episode 6. Here, watch the last episode of the Al Sancak series.

Al Sancak Watch The Last Episode

"Al Sancak" is broadcast every Thursday at 20.00 on TRT 1. The last 5 of the series. the episode was published. Also 6. The episode trailer was also released. So what happened in the last episode? What will happen in the new section? Who are the Al Sancak TV series actors? Here are the details...

Al Sancak 5. Watch The Episode

Here's Al Sancak 5. Episode Summary

Great Deconfliction between Nadia and Mithat! The Claw Team falls into a trap... In Al Sancak, Nadia manages to make Ali's conscience ache, while Bahar tries to convince Suleyman. On the other hand, Mithat learns that Nadia is alive. Nadia is making Ali's conscience ache Ali, angry that Nadia got into her family, Ali argued with her and got an answer that he never expected. Nadia, who said that she cared about Ali and cared about him, managed to make Ali's conscience ache with what she said as she left. Will Ali take the risk of Nadia leaving? What will happen between Suleyman and Bahar On the other hand, the relationship between Suleyman and Bahar, which Decrees a great test, will also come to a new stage. Will Bahar's efforts be enough to convince Solomon? What will the Claw Team do in the face of this incident? Berna discovers Ali's secret world While all this is happening, Berna will go to visit Ali's house. Berna, who knows the opportunity for Ali not to be at home, will witness the secret world in Ali's garage while she succumbs to her curiosity and looks around. Will what Berna has learned lead to a problem for Ali? Tim and Nadia are falling into a trap! On the other hand, Nadia, realizing that Ali still does not trust her, goes on an individual operation, cooperating with Travor to eliminate the missile threat. Thanks to Asli's intelligence, the Claw Team, which has learned the location of Travor, also organizes an operation in the same place. Ali, who is on his way to the operation area, cannot hide his surprise when he sees Travor and Nadia side by side. Selim, who witnessed Ali and Nadia's fight, now confronts Ali.

Al Sancak 5. Click Here To Watch the Full Episode

Al Sancak 6. Episode Trailer

Al Sancak TV Series Cast Full List

Uğur Güneş - Infantry Captain Ali Banazlı

Gulsim Ali - Nadia Ivanov

Idris Nebi Taşkan - Marine Corps Lieutenant Aras Guneri

Ahmet Yenilmez - Çelebi

Gözde Türker - Aslı Captain

Ahmet Olgun Sunear - Infantry Specialist Sergeant Selcuk Türker

Emre Dinler - Infantry Captain Cengiz Uslu

Eslem Akar - Sedef Banazli

Tezhan Tezcan - Infantry Non-Commissioned Officer Senior Sergeant Ismail Koca

Çağlar Sayın - Infantry Non-Commissioned Officer First Sergeant Hüseyin Kümüş

Fatih Gühan - Infantry Non-Commissioned Officer Senior Sergeant Süleyman Özer

Ömer Faruk Aran - Infantry Non-Commissioned Officer First Sergeant Bora Cansız

Rıdvan Aybars Düzey - Marine Infantry Captain Selim Atakan

Murat Ince - Infantry Petty Officer Sergeant Major Mustafa Inal

Melih Özdoğan - Infantry Specialist Sergeant Sabri Kandemir

Sibel Aytan - Spring

Cem Kurtoğlu - General Sacit Korkmaz

Osman Soykut - Mithat

Abidin Yerebakan - Vedat

Zeynep Koltuk - Amy


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