A Shocking Encounter in the Series of ATEŞ KUŞLARI!

 Ateş Kuşları, which deeply impressed the viewers with its emotional story, also attracted great attention with its seventh episode.

The new episode of the series, which also received a lot of comments and likes on social media with the hashtag #AteşKuşları, gave the audience emotional moments. In the seventh episode of The Ateş Kuşları, Gülayşe and Barbaros' emotional rapprochement and Çatal's disclosure of the fact that Barbaros is his father marked the night.

What happened in the seventh episode of The Ateş Kuşları?

Gülayşe, who was thoroughly cornered by the threat of Emerald's Fork and had to accept Emerald's marriage proposal, threw herself on the street. Barbaros confronted Gülayşe, who found himself in front of the place where Barbaros had settled down to be close to him.

Barbaros questioned Gülayşe to find out why he was wandering around the street alone at midnight, Gülayşe said that he went out because he was bored.

Barbaros and his police friend Cemal set up a game to find Çatal's informant. Cemal spread the word in the Children's Department that Barbar had blown up Çatal's stash in order to find the informant. Çatal learned from Vefa, his informant, that his money was in Barbaros. Çatal and Nazmiye sent their son to Şirin to set up a trap for Barbaros. While relieving longing with his cute only son Barbaros, Fork and Loyalty appeared in front of them like a shadow. The fork asked Barbaros for his money. When Barbaros did not give the money, he pointed a gun at Barbaros. Just at that moment, while Şirin was trying to prevent, Vefa knocked Barbaros out with the stick in his hand. Çatal pointed his gun at Vefa, not Barbaros, and made it clear that Barbaros was his own son.



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