Ömer 6. Episode Trailer - 5. Watch The Full Episode

 Ömer 6. The episode Trailer has been released. Also 5. The video of the episode, which can be Watched in Full, was also shared.

Due to the great earthquake disaster in Turkey, television channels had Decoupled the broadcast of the series. Gradually, new episodes of the series began to be broadcast. One of the series whose new episode was highly anticipated was the Ömer series.


The series aired tonight. 5. the series, which is presented to the audience with the episode, is normally broadcast on Mondays. 6. it is currently unknown when the episode will be broadcast.

Well, the 5th of the Ömer series. what happened in his department? 

Unable to find the ray of hope he was looking for in Dimple's eyes, Ömer hides the wound inside and steps on his marriage journey with Süreyya. But no matter how hard Dimple and Ömer try to suppress their love, their love finds a way to express itself. The Ademoglu family, who took a big step to see their son's recovery, were shaken by a phone call from Nisa's house just when they thought everything was fine. While Ömer does not leave his sister alone, April confronts her children's longing for a father.


Ömer 6. Episode Trailer

The rating rate that the series will receive after the given Dec was a matter of curiosity. It is generally known that when the series is interrupted, there are losses in the audience of the series Dec. Nevertheless, the Ömer series has a large audience and the series is not expected to make a finale until the end of the season. The new trailer video of the Ömer series was shared. 

Ömer Sequence 6. Episode Trailer


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