KARDEŞLERİM Watch 79 Episodes in One Piece! atv Kardeşlerim series Watch the Last Episode

 Kardeşlerim are 79. Watch The Full Episode in One Piece. Brothers, watch the last, new episode. my atv Kardeşlerim, Watch the Last Episode of the series.

Due to the great earthquake disaster in Turkey, television channels had Decamped from broadcasting the series. Gradually, new episodes of the series began to be broadcast. One of the series that appeared before the audience with the new episode was Kardeşlerim series.

Kardeşlerim are 79. Watch The Episode

Kardeşlerim Series continues to be watched with interest both in Turkey and in foreign countries. The success achieved by the young actors in the cast was registered by the number of episodes the series reached. Although there are actors who have left the series, new actors have also been added to the cast and are still being watched with interest, especially by young people. Despite being broadcast on the same day as an important series such as Gönül Dağı, the series is still in a good position in the ratings race. Especially on social media, the support given to the Kardeşlerim series is very great.

Kardeşlerim, Watch The Last Episode

Saturday February 25, the new episode of the series was broadcast on ATV on the evening. 79. the series, which continues with the episode, will be broadcast every Saturday at 20.00. The rating rate that the series will receive after the given Dec is a matter of curiosity. It is generally known that when the series is interrupted, there are losses in the audience of the series Dec. Nevertheless, Kardeşlerim series has a big audience both in Turkey and in many countries of the world and it is not expected that the series will make a finale until the end of the season. The new episode video of Kardeşlerim series was also shared. Kardeşlerim are 80. The Episode Trailer has not been released yet.

Well, Kardeşlerim, the 79th of the series. what happened in your department?

“Why does humanity stay with us all the time, does it have nowhere else to go?”

While Omar left the mansion in a great rage, Shawwal remained locked in the warehouse in a state of fear. While Tolga was on his way to get married to save Zehra from the difficult situation she was in, the absence of the young girl was noticed, her brother went after Honor. Sengul decides to embark on an investment that he thinks will make a lot of money. While Akif's suspicious behavior causes Suzan to act, important developments take place on the Climax and Berk front. While Akif is cornering Şevval with an unexpected move, this situation leads to an unexpected result.

Kardeşlerim are 79. Watch The Episode In Full One-Piece HD

Kardeşlerim Series Actors

Celil Nalçakan (Akif), Cüneyt Mete (Orhan), Fadik Sevin Atasoy (Şengül), Ahu Yağtu (Suzan), Simge Selçuk (Nebahat), Yiğit Koçak (Ömer), Su Burcu Yazgı Coşkun (Asiye), Aylin Akpınar (Emel), Onur Seyit Yaran (Doruk), Cihan Şimşek (Oğulcan), Melis Minkari (Aybike), Lizge Cömert (Süsen), Recep Usta (Berk), Berk Ali Çatal (Tolga), Nazlı Çetin (Leyla Barçın), Ecem Sena Bayır (Afra), Atakan Özkaya (Sarp Yılmaz), Eylül Lize Kandemir (Yasmin), Nihal Büyükağaç ve Kaan Çakır (Ahmet Yılmaz).


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