Who is Survivor Yusuf Güney, Where is He From, How Old Is He? Songs, height, weight, zodiac sign

 Who is Survivor Yusuf Güney, where is he from, how old is he? Is he married, does he have a girlfriend? Songs, height, weight, zodiac sign. A biography article containing information about his life.

Who Is Survivor Yusuf Güney And Where Is He From? 

Yusuf Güney is a pop singer. He is a songwriter, composer and actor.

Born on June 5, 1984 in Trabzon, the 39-year-old artist is originally from Gümüşhane Kelkit.

His mother is Seher Güney and his father is Ahmetcan Güney.

Tuğba Güney and Alim Güney are brothers.

Is Yusuf Güney Married? The Sign of Her Lover's Height and Weight

Yusuf Güney, who is 1.73 meters tall and weighs 75 kilograms, is a Gemini. The answers to questions such as whether he is married or not, or whether he has a lover or not, are unknown because the artist lives his private life in secrecy. However, as far as is known, he is single.

515,000 followers on her Instagram account.

Yusuf Güney Biography

After living in Trabzon until the age of 14, the singer moved to London with her family and was living in London before releasing her first album. Due to his success in a company he worked for in London, Güney, who worked as a marketing manager at a young age, took his first steps into the music world in June 2005 when he met the artist at a concert given by Turkish pop music artist Rafet El Roman in London.

Since then, he has accelerated his composing studies and in 2008, his first composition "Aşk-ı Virane" found a place in Rafet El Roman's 2008 album Bir Roman Gibi. The singer, who signed a duet with Rafet El Roman in this song, accompanied the artist in the video clip shot for this track. The song was quite successful and stayed at number one for 17 weeks on the Billboard Turkish Top 20 Chart. this song was also selected as the "Song of the Year" at the traditional Kral TV Video Music Awards held in 2009.

As a result of these successes, the singer released her first album titled Bir Sevda Masali on February 12, 2009 under the production of Rafet El Roman from Emre Plak, owned by Hussein Emre.

The first video clip of the album was shot for "Heder Olum Aşkına", the lyrics and music of which are signed by Rafet El Roman. This song peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Turkish Top 20 Chart as the highest, while it appeared at number 99 on the European Radio Chart. In May, "Aşkım Aşklarından Bulasın", the lyrics and music of which belong to the singer herself, was selected as the second video clip of the album, and this song also peaked at number 6 as the highest. 2 of the singer's 10 tracks. her album Aşka Inat was released on May 3, 2010, again with Emre Plak.

Then Güney released the maxi single album Kader Wind, consisting of 3 songs and 3 remixes in 2012, the album Sevgi Arsızı in 2013, the single Hazin in 2014, the album Captain in 2016, the single Yaradanım in 2018, the single Cak Bi Beşlik in 2019 and the single Duydun Mu in 2020.

in 2023, he participated in the Survivor contest, the classic competition of the TV8 television channel, taking part in the Celebrity squad.


Bir Sevda Masalı (2009)

Aşka İnat (2010)

Sevgi Arsızı (2013)

Kaptan (2016)


Kader Rüzgarı (2012)


"Bunalım" (2013)

"Hazin" (2014)

"Kördüğüm" (2016)

"Yaradanım" (2018)

"Çak Bi Beşlik" (2019)

"Duydun Mu?" (2020)

"Zamansız Yağmur" (Musa Eroğlu ile Bir Asır 2) (2022)

"Boş Kafalar" (2022)


"Aşk-ı Virane" 
"Aşka İnat" 
"Kendine İyi Bak"

Video clips

"Heder Oldum Aşkına"

"Aşkım Aşklarından Bulasın"

"Git Bedenim Buralardan"

"Aşka İnat"

"Serserin Oldum"

"Unut Onu Kalbim"

"İki Romantik Deli"

"Kader Rüzgarı"


"Ördü Kader Ağlarını"

"Melekler Seni Bana Yazmış"


"Hadi Aşkım (Yorgan Yakalım)"




"Sevdaluğun Sarmadı"


"Çak Bi Beşlik"

"Duydun Mu?"

Movies And TV Shows

2013 / Sarı Siyah - Mehmet

2016 / Yüzyıllık Mühür - İbrahim

2023 / Survivor 2023 


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