Who is Survivor - Walison Fonseca, where is he from, how old is he? Height and weight

 Who is Survivor Walison Fonseca, where is he from, how old is he? Height and weight.

Who is Survivor Walison Fonseca, where is he from, how old is he? His height and weight. A biography article containing information about his life.

Who Is Walison Fonseca?

Walison Fonseca was born in Santos Sao Paulo in 1985 and is Brazilian.

in her 18-year acting and modeling career, she has done successful jobs internationally.

At the same time, he has an import – export company.

And recently she played in the famous Biscolata commercial with Italian models. Walison, who attracts attention with his good looks, is 1.88 tall and 81 kilos.

To date, he has lived in many countries such as Mexico, USA, Italy , Brazil, Korea.

After working on the island of Malta for many years, he became interested in getting to know Turkey.

Soon after, he decided to live in Istanbul.

He loves Turkish culture and feels at home in Turkey.

Turkish Spanish English Portuguese, English, Italian and intermediate level, he speaks five languages, including Turkish.

He is married to Melisa Pınar, an NLP specialist and life coach. they have an 11-year-old child named Amaya.

He loves animals very much, does sports in his free time and is a complete traveler.

She has been living in Turkey for 4 years and her biggest dream is to become an actress in movies and TV series in Turkey.

she became famous by participating in the MasterChef Turkey competition in 2020.

in 2023, he participated in the Survivor Turkey competition by taking part in the Volunteer staff.

Instagram Facebook, a very strict user, and also has a Youtube channel.

As of the moment of preparation of this article, mavi has 188 thousand followers on her clicked Instagram account and 11,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.


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