Who is Survivor - ÖZGÜR TETİK? how old is he? Instagram address

 Who is the Survivor Özgür? Who is the Özgür Tetik? How old is he? What is his profession? What's his job? Is he married? Instagram address. A biography article containing information about his life.

Who is the Survivor Özgür?

Özgür Tetik is the founder of the Running Academy. He is an ultra marathon racer.

Özgür Tetik, the indispensable name of the new spartan races, is known by the nickname 'Big Guy'. He is married to Tuğba Tetik, who is a coach like her.

Who is Özgür Tetik?

Özgür Tetik was born in Yalova in 1975. He became interested in basketball in middle school and played basketball for many years. Tuesday. He did not become a professional player, but he played in amateur leagues for a very long time. he started strength coaching training in 1993. He practiced and had strength training for a long time, both as an athlete and as a coach. Later, he met triathlon in 2002 and competed in the Olympic triathlon branch. In the following years, he developed himself by continuing his education and working in various clubs. He has been NPTI level3 and fitness federation level2 trainer. She also did Crossfit training in Austria. He has also been interested in Latin dances for many years. He participated in shows, races and was his instructor.

after 2 years of triathlon adventure, he only participated in running races. He competed in half marathon and marathon branches and specialized in running, strength coaching only after 2008. in 2010, a brand new excitement entered her life and she started competing in ultra marathons. He has competed in 50 km – 100 km and 250 km stages many times in the last 5 years and now he continues his sports life only as an ultra marathon racer. He is currently preparing for the Sahara Desert Ultra Marathon (250 km) Des Sables to be held in April 2017, sponsored by Technogym.

in 2014, he founded the Running Academy together with her coach husband Tuğba Tetik and made athlete performance measurements in this institution. At the same time, he also coaches professional and amateur athletes and participated in many international competitions with his athletes.

in 2016, he started working with the Technogym family and went to Wellness Institute Italy to get an education, where she received the title of Technogym Master Trainer.

As a Technogym Master Trainer, Trigger gives running trainings, which is one of the Wellness Institute Turkey training programs.

in 2023, he participated in the Survivor competition, the legendary competition program of the TV8 television channel, by taking part in the Volunteer team.

Özgür Tetik has 11,100 followers on Instagram.

It is expected that the number of followers will reach very high numbers with the effect of the Survivor competition.

Instagram Address: _ozgurtetik_


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