Who is the Survivor Kurşat Juan? Kurşat Juan is a Life Story! Who is Kürşat Yalçınkaya?

 Who is the survivor Kurşat Juan? Kurşat Juan is a life story! Who is Kürşat Yalçınkaya? How old is the Survivor Kursat? Where is he originally from? Height, weight, zodiac sign. A biography article containing information about his life.

Who is the Survivor Kursat?

His full name is Ümit Kürşat Yalçınkaya.

The phenomenon known on social media by the name of Kürşat Juan.

He was born on May 5, 1999.

His father passed away while driving a truck in Sweden.

Originally, his hometown is Artvin. Taurus's. he is 1.80 meters tall and weighs 70 kilograms. He is single and it is not known if he has a girlfriend.

It is known that he has an income of between 50,000 and 500,000 Turkish Liras per month.

Fenomen, who lives with his family in the Umraniye district of Istanbul, lost his mother when he was 16 years old and his father when he was 8 years old.

He has an older sister and an older brother.

While her older sister lives with her husband and children in Artvin, Kürşat Yalçınkaya lives with her older brother.

Kürşat Juan, one of the members of the disbanded Juan group, continues his life in Istanbul Ümraniye.

He explained that he dreamed of becoming famous from an early age and prayed "Allah, make me famous" while praying.

During his educational life, he studied on the one hand, worked in markets and worked as a porter on the other.

he has been making videos for 4 years to become famous, but he has not been successful.

Kürşat Juan, who opened his first Youtube channel at the age of 12, was the winner of the TikToker award for the best debut at the Turkey Achievement Awards in 2019.

in 2023, he participated in the Survivor competition of the TV8 television channel's highly watched competition program from the Influencer staff.

At the time of preparation of this article, there are 3 million 800 thousand followers on his blue-click TikTok account, and the total number of likes for his videos has exceeded 202 million.

There are also songs called Takip, Alayına, Bunu Başardım, and Spotify reaches a high number of listening numbers of tracks on YouTube.

Kürşat Juan, who has 799,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, is also followed by 986,000 people on Instagram.

On his YouTube channel, he expresses himself with the following words;

'Hello, I'm Kürşat Yalçınkaya a.k.a. Dear Kürşat Juan

It makes me really happy to have you by my side as I pursue my dreams.

I am sure that we will have fun and funny moments in my Youtube Adventure with you.

I hope he loves me wholeheartedly, we will become the most Fun Family on Youtube.

Don't forget to subscribe my channel for support me!'


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