Who is the Survivor ERTUĞ? Who is Ertuğ Onur Yaşlıoğlu?

 Who is the Survivor Ertuğ? Ertuğ Onur Yaşlıoğlu? A biography article containing detailed information about his life. What's his job? What is his profession? Is he married?

Who is the Survivor Ertuğ?

Ertuğ Onur Yaşlıoğlu is a coach and athlete.

He is one of the founding partners of the sports center called Ex Animo.

He is married to 'Begum Yaşlıoğlu'.

He continues his life in Istanbul.

after completing her primary education at Kültür College in 2001, she graduated from St. Michael's High School in 2006.

in 2009, he worked as an EU Project assistant at the Department of Youth and Sports of the Special Provincial Administration of Bursa.

he studied Economic Management at the University of Southern Brittany between 2010 and 20 Dec 2011.

he graduated from Uludağ University in 2012.

he completed his master's degree on Financial Economics at Galatasaray University in 2015.

French English and fluent in French.

Ertuğ Onur Yaşlıoğlu participated in the Survivor Turkey 2023 competition in 2023 by being selected from the reserves squad.

He is currently competing in the Celebrity team.

Ertuğ Onur Yaslioğlu, who actively uses Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram platforms, has 1,643 followers on Instagram as of the moment this post was prepared.

It is expected that the number of followers on her Instagram account will increase during her stay at the Survivor competition.

The user name on Instagram is "ertugyaslioglu".


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