Who is BERDAN MARDİNİ - Survivor 2023

 The singer, actress and presenter, who is one of the popular names of light arabesque music and who made a mark on the early 2000s with the song Let My Child Be from You, continues her career with Survivor. Citizens who are wondering who Berdan Mardini is, the first contestant announced by Acun Ilıcalı in the 2023 squad, are wondering in search engines who is Berdan Mardini, how old is he, where is he from, is he married, does he have children? What is the sign of Berdan Mardini, his height and weight? he's looking for answers to his questions. Here are all the curious ones...

Berdan Mardini was born on November 5, 1978 in Diyarbakir. Mardini's parents are from Yaylabaşı village of Mardin.He studied in the Çınar district of Diyarbakır until the second grade of primary school. Later, when his father was appointed, he moved with his family to Gelendost district of Isparta. Elementary school continued in Gelendost to the third grade. In those years, his talent was beginning to come to the fore. The beauty of her voice was noticed by her surroundings in art fields such as plays she played at school and theater.Elementary school 5.she took third place in the inter-district poetry competition held in the classroom. Dec. Later, during his secondary school years, he took part in many social and cultural activities organized by the school. She played theater for three years in middle school and two years in high school. Again, she won first place in the voice competition organized by the school. At that time, he began to be more interested in music. He really wanted to play an instrument. She could not be enrolled in the bağlama course opened by the school because her older sister and older brother were enrolled. But he was so enthusiastic that he would watch them while his older brother and older sister worked at home, then he would secretly take the binding and work it himself. After a while, he started playing bağlama on his own. Then his father retired and he had to settle in Istanbul, where his brother and sister had gone before.He settled in Avcılar in Istanbul. He continued his education at Avcılar Süleyman Nazif High School from the third grade of high school. During her one-year school life, she again took part in concerts and activities organized by the school. He failed to win the university exam and was thrown into business life. He started working with his brothers in the textile company opened by his father. He worked here at all stages of the business. He worked as a middle man, machinist and pastry chef. After spending two years here, he was enrolled in a tying course near their company. He came across a guy who plays very well there. One night the Hunters with him decided to go to a bar on the beach and have fun. Everyone was playing and singing at their own table because the sound system in that bar had just been set up. While they were mumbling to themselves, the owner of the bar asked and asked him to read it in audio order. When he read one or two folk songs there, he was very liked and asked to perform on stage at night.

In fact, it was completely a coincidence that he started his musical life in the stage sense. During this period, he started his stage life at work from morning to night and secretly from his family after work. His entourage believed that he was very successful. Offers had started coming from different districts of Istanbul. In the meantime, he had started to be interested in music professionally and Decided to evaluate the offers. But the garment life was going on. Thinking that neither of them would go together, he told his family that he was performing at night and that he wanted to get involved in music now. Dec. He also received a positive response from his family.He ended his garment life and started working there in accordance with the offer from Bakırköy Prestij Bar. After she started performing at Prestij Bar, many different offers started coming in. He started to develop himself in this sense by taking sheet music and solfege lessons for a professional musical life. Actually, he wanted to study at the conservatory, he even took his exams, but he did not succeed. He thought that it was not necessary to study only the school of this business, that a person could also receive special trainings from outside and prepare himself in order to develop himself in this sense. After performing in Bakırköy for a year or two, Etiler Zorba Taverna asked him to do a folk song night once a week. He started dating there on Sundays. After a semester, she started dating at Taksim Letter Bar, where she is currently performing. After starting his stage years, he started to accompany Berdan on stage by starting to play guitar in his older brother, who is two years older than him. Finally, his professional work appeared on the market in November 2000. The album was produced by Canan Production. But both the production mistake and the promotional mistake could not reach him to the masses. This album was a good experience for him. he struggled in this sense from 2000 to 2002 and finally made the album he wanted.

in 2023, he participated in the Survivor Turkey 2023 competition, which is the competition of the TV 8 television channel. He participated in the competition by taking part in the celebrity squad.

Berdan Mardini married Fatoş Mardini on January 13, 2010. He has a son named Miran and an 8-year-old daughter named Ezmira. He divorced his wife by agreement on March 29, 2021. It is known that at the moment he is with his Serbian lover Morena Taraku.

the sign of Berdan Mardini, who is 1.80 meters tall and weighs 74 kilograms, is Scorpio.


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