Watch The TAÇSIZ PRENSES Episode 3! The Last Part - Episode 4 Trailer

 Watch The Taçsız Prenses Episode 3! Watch the last episode on fox tv. The Taçsız Prenses series 4 Episode Trailer. The Taçsız Prenses actors. What day is the Taçsız Prenses on and what channel is it on?

Watch The Taçsız Prenses Part 3

The third episode of the series “The Taçsız Prenses”, produced by MF Productions, directed by Volkan Keskin and written by Pınar Bulut and Onur Koralp, appeared in front of the audience on FOX TV. So what happened in the last episode and what will happen in the new episode?

4 Of the series. the episode trailer has also been released! We have added full, HD and single track tracking link and trailer video to our article.

Masal, who wants to bring his mother to a safe house, has to make sure if Sahin is good or bad and open the door with the monster in the restaurant now. But Shirin's unshakable trust in her brother confuses her. On the other hand, the rain that comes to the big concert clings to an extreme solution in order not to fall asleep. Fuat, on the other hand, is after a new and dangerous game that will bring a lot of money. Finally, a tragedy leads Evgin and Yağmur to a decision, and the monstrous door opens. But what is spilled out will not be at all what Fairy Tale expects.


The Taçsız Prenses Episode 4 Trailer

The Taçsız Prenses 4. Tuesday January 31st on FOX with the episode

Taçsız Prenses Actors

Ismail Hacıoğlu, Sümeyye Aydoğan, Tolga Tekin, Elif Kurturan, Seda Akman, Mustafa Kırantepe, Feride Çetin, Merve Bulut and Merve Şen are in the cast of the series, which attracts attention with its name and the first three episodes were published.

The Subject of the Taçsız Prenses

In the series; Masal (Elif Kurtan), who grew up with the fairy tales of her dreamer mother Şirin (Feride Çetin) throughout her life, is trapped in a cold and realistic world when her mother is hospitalized due to heart disease and turns into a predatory, combative girl who can do any evil. While the first person Masal will see for support will be her teacher Evgin (Ismail Hacıoğlu), things will turn around for everyone over time. During the Fairy Tale journey, our hero will complete the unfinished fairy tales of the other heroes of the story one by one, while searching for his own fairy tale, and the closest thing to Fairy Tale on this journey will be his dog Kofte, who does not leave his side…


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